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Re: Crowdfunding 1815 French Infantry Command

I would be supportive of a dedicated command set, or a command/infantry mixed set.

There is a definite lac of higher command so if the crowdfunded command set could include a mounted officer of some description - an ADC uniform would be really valuable - then that would be extra valuable.

I by a lot of the various command sets when they are available -even the disastrous Italeri sets, but more so the W1815 set, the Italeri French set, the wonderful Zvezda se, and the HaT mounted officers set. In fact, I want another box of mounted officers - Bavarians, 1806 Prussians, Saxons, more Russians, French, British etc.

I use a lot of command stands, and having the al the same is dull, so I buy lot of boxes, and metal/resin as well.

Crowdfunding could be a way forward, although I appreciate it would take longer as the set would need to be designed, sculpted and then moulded.


Re: Crowdfunding 1815 French Infantry Command

Hi Hat-Twitter,

One last category for you

1/32 scale range sets to be downsized to 1/72 scale

Nap French Elites in Greatcoats - 7 poses (only 3 of the 10 poses are being used in 8234)
Nap Bavarian Infantry -18 poses
Nap Wurttemberg Jaeger - 9 poses
Nap Wurttemberg Grenadiers - 9 poses
Nap Wurttemberg Musketeers - 9 poses

To be crowdfunded only.

Yes Hat should redo the 1815 French command they could combine them with the 7 poses not used from the Nap French in Greatcoats, only 3 of the 10 poses are being used in 8234 Nap French in Greatcoats Marching.

Re: Crowdfunding 1815 French Infantry Command

I agree. Command set for 1815 is really need. As pre 1813 action set.
There are few sets without officers [HATs, ACtA, etc]

Re: Crowdfunding 1815 French Infantry Command

I'd vote with my wallet for the full set of French in greatcoats.

When it was announced in 1/72 I foolishly assumed it was to be the full set - including what is probably the best officer figure ever made.


The five sprue marching was probably a short-cut, but it is sad. Somehow I really doubt the rest will be made. Which is a shame, as I wanted them as elites for my "French young guard" (or as most of us seem to use them, French line infantry).. So I will have to continue to headswap shako heads onto Revell old guard.

Come on HaeT - make the rest of that set please...