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Re: What does your ideal Prussian Landwehr unit look like?

My landwehr will be in units of 32 "figures" each, 4 command, 26 infantrymen, and a mounted officer taking the space of the final "two"

I will be making my units in a 2:1 ratio - marching to attacking - as a nod to the line infantry musketeers:fusiliers ratio

I would hope to make the 4 command figures a foot officer, a musician, a standard bearer (for my non-historical fantasy flags) and an NCO type

I am hoping that the bonus figures will be a higher command group - maybe a general, an aide, and hangers-on. It is the higher command that is always missing from our plastic armies, and the bonus figures might be a realistic way to achieve that

I would hope that the bonus figures are special and useful, not just extra landwehr infantry types. I can get extras already in metal. So here's hoping

Re: What does your ideal Prussian Landwehr unit look like?

Sorry Libero,

I just looked at the drawings of Prussian Landwehr and it is obviously that the first two existing figures you're referring to, I thought Porte High was when a soldier advanced with Musket held almost vertically, so your proposal makes sense to me now.

Hi Brian

That's okay not to worry.

In regards to Landwehr sets I have discussed sprue structure/composition on various posts over the past several years. This is in reference to what HAT has represented in terms of their Landwehr master sculpts.

Yes, in the above post I was referring to HAT's recent Landwehr line drawings as expressed under the heading ACTION SET. Please note HAT's Advancing Landwehr master sculpts images are arranged differently to their recent line drawings for the 4 advancing Landwehr infantry.

I see there have been lots of interesting posts on the forum.
Unfortunately at this moment in time my visits/contributions/posts to forums have been very limited and for now may remain so for the foreseeable future.
However I will be back..... (& in good form so he says)

Best Regards

ps Good luck to all with their bonus figure requests.