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Re: Incomplete list of master figures...

Can we have a look on line drawings for WWI german cavalry and uhlans?

Re: Incomplete list of master figures...dont't recall WWII US Infantry Squad

Because if I had seen something about WWII US Infantry Squad I know Id have been bugging you about them, just like the AI sets.

Re: Incomplete list of master figures...

Quite a few years ago I remember a posting showing eight masters of Celti-Iberians. Four of these ended up in the 1/32 scale set. I was always hoping to see all of them in our scale. Hat has shown us an impressive list. I'm glad they plan on moving forward.

I know that everyone has their preference. I would love to see some ancients advance. You can never have too many elephants or Gauls.


Re: list of master -british 1&2ww

Yes. I always will remember very good figures of BEF'39-40. They also fit for desert and Greece-Crete '41. It is really needed set!

There were figures of late 1ww Scottish, with officer, and grenade laucher. I want such command/support set [officer, g.l., Lewis]. In lack of ww2 Jocks, i use them also for 1940.

Re: list of master -british 1&2ww

Good to see that the WW2 BEF has not been sent to room 101. Never understood why British 1939-41 have been totally ignored except for the Zvezda's incomplete mini sets while you can get a range of Germans troops on bicycles/horses/goose-stepping.

Western allied tank riders and WW1 artillery 4.5" and crew appears to sell well (always out of stock!)so I am sure these also have the potential to generate a healthy return.

There was a set of WW1 French heavy weapons. have they got the chop?

Re: list of master -british 1&2ww

... There was a set of WW1 French heavy weapons. have they got the chop?

I hope very much that this particular set could materialize within the one mentioned here?

WW1 French Trench Gun

A combined/summarized set, so to say. Maybe Hät-representative could clarify?

Re: Incomplete list of master figures...

I must say, this new energy at Hat is really reigniting my love of Hat figures. Completely reeling me back into painting and collecting! High compliments are in order. Thank you! (I had forgotten how much fun and enjoyment I had previously found with Hat. It so much reminds me of the day I spotted Airfix reissue figures in a Hat box, next to Prussian Napoleonic Dragoons and French Mamluks, positively big smiles kind of day!

Re: Incomplete list of master figures...

I can only say WOW about the ACW figures. With these you could make figures for both sides, plus the Mexican War, or the more formal dress uniform of the 1850s. I wish you'd put these into regular production years ago--I'd buy a dozen or so despite having a large stock of Airfixes. And I'd definitely buy even more of the Command sets!