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Re: ancient sets - Egyptian chariots

mike b
There are a few discissions online about pimping up the old Atlantic chariots.


Quite a few here, too. Personally I have a bunch of the original Atlantic chariots. I was planning to assemble them straight from the box, as I'm a wargamer rather than a dioramist, but I like the idea of relocating the wheels and axles. I do think they look much better than the old Greek chariots with their sloping, angular sides resembling no chariots I've ever seen pictures of, not even in movies.

I'd forgotten it was Caesar Miniatures which reissued the old Atlantics. Thanks for mentioning them, guys!


Re: ancient sets - Egyptian chariots

It wasn't caesar that reissued the egyptian chariots from Atlantic. That was done by Nexus, I believe and maybe someone else? Waterloo 1815?..

In any case, the Caesar chariots look nothing like the "one man fits" chariots from Atlantic.