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Re: Bonus figure for Crowdfunders

Haythornethwaite says, and so too does the re-enactor on the hidden page, that many of the Landwehr still carried the large axes they were first armed with even after they were issued muskets. Also I assume that if there was any engineering work happening, such as strengthening a position or clearing an obstacle then most of the actual work was probably done by infantrymen. So a man with an axe would be a nice addition to a Landwehr unit. Variety is good.

Most writers say that Landwehr units made their own unofficial flags. And, I think, they earned them by their performance in battle. So a flag bearer would be welcome.

Extra officers would be useful and might prompt a few more people to support these sets.

Re: Bonus figure for Crowdfunders

Some genius has come up with the coolest flag design ever, I would be compelled to follow this flag anywhere. Now we know why the King tried to ban them.

Re: Bonus figure for Crowdfunders

Actually, that flag bears a very close resemblance to the colors of the Pommeranian Piccolo Players - it's just missing the bustle framing the mug that was used instead of braid around the edges.

Re: Bonus figure for Crowdfunders

I think I might have a found a good officer to be used as a Bonus figure and don't know why I never noticed him before as I like the NCO in the same picture.

Officer in foreground wearing short jacket with long tails and blanket roll (pose could be changed to something more animated)
NCO/Sergeant with Musket held by the trigger guard on right shoulder (the figure on the left at the back).

What do you think is he a winner?

and Remember Every Little Helps

Re: Bonus figure for Crowdfunders

Mounted generals, aides, ADCs etc, with associated foot types.

Far more use than another foot officer, in my not so humble opinion