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Re: News update Jan 5, 2017

When can we expect restocks HaT Set 8272 WWI British Cavalry?

Re: News update Jan 5, 2017

When can we expect restocks HaT Set 8272 WWI British Cavalry?

We will be trying to run all the out of stock sets this year, we will likely open up another thread for restock requests later on.

Re: News update Jan 5, 2017

This is good news indeed! Thanks for the update! I am very pleased that the SYW Prussian infantry sets (Marching, Action, and Command) will soon be restocked and available again. They came and went so fast last time, that I wasn't able to purchase as many as I wanted. Then, they became as rare as hen's teeth and even more expensive.

THIS time the ol' warchest is ready and the Quartermaster is standing by to receive the new recruits. I appreciate that HaT wants to know what color we would prefer the figures to be cast in; but, who am I kidding? I would purchase these, even if they were cast in "night glow Pink"! (But thank God; they are not!)

Now HaT...what about some OPFOR for Fredrick's Lads? French, Austrian, and/or Russian would be a dream come true!

Re: News update Jan 5, 2017


E28 - in line
8159 WWI Early French Arty Crew
8162 WW2 French Arty Crew
8290 WWI Belgian Infantry
8291 WWI Belgian Heavy Weapons
plus yet unknown restocks

Thank you for the update - very good news!

Accepting all ideas for colors, suggestions.

WW1 early French artillery wore dark blue tunics and trousers.

WW2 French Arty Crew, khaki please.

Belgians, the infantry wore dark blue greatcoats and grey-blue trousers, so any of these shades but whichever you choose please make both Belgian sets in the same plastic colour.

Thanks for asking! Pat

Re: News update Jan 5, 2017

Great news. Hope that you will soon release 8306 WWI Arty limber