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Re: What is the ideal size for the Prussian Landwehr?

Personally I think the new figures should match the existing ones. But beware of scale creep, as happened to metal figures.

As for numbers: Going by the illustration, it appears there are 6 of each pose per box(or is it 12?). To make a full regiment like mine would require 8 boxes.If there are four sprues per box that would make 4 regiments from 8 boxes. Of course, there is the bugaboo of where do we get the officers from, as the illustrations show a hornist and NCO/flagbearer in the Marching box and an officer and drummer in the Action set! Or am I missing something here?


Re: What is the ideal size for the Prussian Landwehr?


for the marching set I make it 3 of each pose per sprue which equals 12 per box
plus 2 command per sprue = 4 per box.

For the action set it's 2 of each pose per sprue = 8 per box plus the 4 command.

I the bonus figures are command figures that will add to the command count.