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Re: Bonus figure for Crowdfunders

Hi Hat-Twitter,

Is there any news on how many bonus figures we will get 1 for every order(regardless of 1 box or 10 boxes) or 1 for every 2 boxes or 1 for every box or something different?

The Zulu crowdfunders are getting 1 foot figure per set plus 1 mounted per every 2 sets. Therefore a customer buying 4 sets would get 4 foot + 2 mounted bonus figures.

It is too early to tell what bonus figures will be available for the Prussian Landwehr or how they will be distributed as it is all dependent on the final numbers of purchases.

Re: Bonus figure for Crowdfunders

If I order just one set will I still get a mounted figure or do I have to order at least two sets to get one?

Re: Bonus figure for Crowdfunders

One will get you 1 foot figure. Two sets will get you 2 foot figures and 1 mounted figure (total = 3 figures).

Re: Bonus figure for Crowdfunders

Cheers, just placed an order for two sets.

Re: Bonus figure for Crowdfunders

If you want an adventurous suggestion for a bonus figure: she's not Landwehr but a figure of Sgt. Friederike Kruger of the 9th Colberg infantry regiment would be very cool. I'm thinking a figure that shows that she's a female soldier but not one of those middle aged male fantasy type figures (I don't think there's anything wrong with those figures, just not as a tribute to a real soldier). Don't forget her Iron Cross.

Or a mounted Bulow would be very handy

If you want a more practical suggestion: the sapper is a great idea and any additional officers would be most useful.

Re: Bonus figure for Crowdfunders

An NCO figure would be great, marching or "in action" like the one in the Prussian Line Infantry Command set.

Flag bearer would also be fine, as they were certainly present. No official colours were issued to Landwehr regiments, but many flags were made and presented to these units, so flag bearers would be much more useful than, for example, a sapper, which must have been a very rare beast, as even line regiments did not have them.

Another "Generic" staff officer as a mounted figure would be great. In fact,the standard uniform in the field was almost identical for staff and general officers, being the undress "Überzieher" (like a frock coat)and the peaked cap, the difference being in colour, as Generals would wear these garments in dark blue, and Infantry or General Staff Officers in grey. The only difference may be in the saddlery, with junior officers having cloth shabraques and holster-caps, and those of senior officers and generals being of fur.

I use several of the "Landwehr" officers from the Staff Officer set as Generals.

Re: Bonus figure for Crowdfunders

On Hat's hidden Prussian Crowdfunding page, yes "Hidden" only available to Prussian Crowdfunders another reason to place an order hint hint, where you get to see the hidden progress of the Prussian Landwehr and other secret stuff.

Anyway on this page Hat led by no less than The Landwehr-reenactment group are questioning the use of Sappers or Flag Bearers.

In the case of the Sappers they say they were only used when required after Waterloo and selected from the Landwehr regiments for the building huts, tents and wooden beds for the wounded soldiers, and later they buried the thousands of dead soldiers lying there, after this job the men were ordered back to their Infantry-Platoons and were again normal Landwehr-Infantry-Soldiers.

They go on to say the Prussian Landwehr Sappers were not used as the French and British Sappers, presumably they mean in a front line roll, this is a bit of blow and I hope this is not entirely true and cling to the hope that they were exceptions as there are illustrations showing them with the main body of men.

In the case of the Flag Bearers they say The Landwehr units did not have flags, The Prussian King Wilhelm III gave them no flags in the war 1813-1815, it is true they were never Officially given Flags, however I would argue they did provided there own flags in 1813, there are written discriptions of many flags and one has survived now displayed in a museum.

Below you will find some examples of what they may have looked like and the one surviving flag(the top one).

In light of this will you still want Sapper and Flag bearer bonus figures I have a feeling you might the Sapper would look so good and Wargamers always like a Flag.

Re: Bonus figure for Crowdfunders

Haythornethwaite says, and so too does the re-enactor on the hidden page, that many of the Landwehr still carried the large axes they were first armed with even after they were issued muskets. Also I assume that if there was any engineering work happening, such as strengthening a position or clearing an obstacle then most of the actual work was probably done by infantrymen. So a man with an axe would be a nice addition to a Landwehr unit. Variety is good.

Most writers say that Landwehr units made their own unofficial flags. And, I think, they earned them by their performance in battle. So a flag bearer would be welcome.

Extra officers would be useful and might prompt a few more people to support these sets.

Re: Bonus figure for Crowdfunders

Some genius has come up with the coolest flag design ever, I would be compelled to follow this flag anywhere. Now we know why the King tried to ban them.

Re: Bonus figure for Crowdfunders

Actually, that flag bears a very close resemblance to the colors of the Pommeranian Piccolo Players - it's just missing the bustle framing the mug that was used instead of braid around the edges.

Re: Bonus figure for Crowdfunders

I think I might have a found a good officer to be used as a Bonus figure and don't know why I never noticed him before as I like the NCO in the same picture.

Officer in foreground wearing short jacket with long tails and blanket roll (pose could be changed to something more animated)
NCO/Sergeant with Musket held by the trigger guard on right shoulder (the figure on the left at the back).

What do you think is he a winner?

and Remember Every Little Helps

Re: Bonus figure for Crowdfunders

Mounted generals, aides, ADCs etc, with associated foot types.

Far more use than another foot officer, in my not so humble opinion