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howdy wasabi aloha...

thought i would say Wasabi to y'all. i have met some of you great folks already at the E.s.a/B.L.M contest.took a while to find here but i did.
i am a father, a husband.... and a stay at home dad=dangerous on the keyboard but harmless none the less.christian in my views but they are not traditional by any who know me already know. a lover not a fighter and a little devious at times... a lot like Stitch!
very Sensitive/Thin Skinned so i can get reactionary when pushed angered or humiliated in public(i do that the best... humiliate myself)but most of the time i am harmless and annoyingly overstoked.
i can usually surf once a week- sometimes more(kids)and am willing and able to travel.
Based out of Holland MI, i have mini-van-subaru or rusted ranger for trips-have camera and video cam
4 season camp gear-skates&snowboards too.
30 yrs surfing on a board
prefer shortboard but will logjamm with the best of em.
i prefer open communication and have little to no tolerance for lying dishonesty games and B.s-if i catch you lying to me about lying to me there's gunna be a fight...thats if you still value my friendship after the fact. if not, its the door hittin ya in the azz on the way out.
so with that said
be gentle with me and i will return the stoke in favor i will try to contribute something worthwhile ...maybe...Aloha Timothy

Re: howdy wasabi aloha...

I think you want this is surfdalake. Best of luck finding that special someone to logjam with