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Thee Wetsuit to Extend Your Session!


Purchased direct from Matuse Site
6/5/4 Tumo XLS Suggested fitting 5'8" - 5'10", 180-200lbs

... ... I currently am 5'10", 185lbs.

One session out w/ this last Sunday. Toasty warm easy entry & exit!

The Wingnut II was ROCK'N!!! Took several late drops hang'n on to the back rails with water rushing over the nose of the board while flying down the face. Lean to the shoulder and load the back, front pops up, stick stalls fast, pop up and trim to fly down the line!!!!

Finish the go round back outside on the shoulder watching those on the peak harness some energy for a go round themselves.

Tugging at the sleeves of my NEW TUMO that are 1 1/2" up from my gloves. They got peeled back, felt the water rushing up my arms on the take off!!!

It is then I remember my disappointment in my Naval physical in 1981.
I was 5' 11 3/4" tall in 1981, just 1/4" shy of 6 foot. Almost 2" taller than the suggested fit.

You have all the info. Know where it came from. Know it has been shelved for a year. Know where you can get one just like it not used in Superior.

You can get this for $388.

Re: Thee Wetsuit to Extend Your Session!

Running out of time to get my Joyce something special. I would like to get this suit hooked up with someone who can slip into it and harness mass quanities of Fresh Water Wave Energy!!!

Shoot me a offer!