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Wetsuit tips needed

Sup y'all! I need some dressing advice. I recently bought a 5/4/3 hooded wetsuit that is a top entry suit with a front zipper. The second time I pulled it on the slider on the zipper popped off. Luckily I was able to get it fixed, but sadly it kept me from surfing the other day. Is there any tried and true methods for easily getting on these types of suits and keeping the zipper in tact? The suit does fit correctly by the way.

Re: Wetsuit tips needed

Brian - I haven't had a front zip suit like that before, but it doesn't sound good to have the zipper break that soon. What kind of suit is it? do they have a warinty?

As far getting into th suit - my advice is to pull the suit as far up your body as you can before you try to put your arms in.

Re: Wetsuit tips needed

Hey Tom! Thanks for the advice! It's a 5/4/3 Hyperflex wetsuit. It does have a warranty, but I fixed it. I finally figured out how to really get that thing on. It is weird, but it's a comfy suit. I just ordered some webbed paddle gloves and some 7mm booties to wear. The other booties and gloves let too much water in and was cold. I figured when it comes to the booties, the warmer the better.

That was some nice video of you at the elbow from the weekend. I've wanted to get up there and check that out sometime. I've been toying at the idea of jumping off the end of our north pier to hit some of those waves sometime during a SE wind. What do you think?