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Akira Oyamada

Died July 7 in Madison, Wi.
Super gentle, humble, warm soul Akira was. Shot lots of film at the Elbow and shared 8x10 glossy's with all of us. He would not take any money for the photos! I never got the chance to buy him a lunch, dinner, or anything for that! I feel bad. He leaves behind wife Michelle and three teen aged kids. No memorial fund setup. I would like to do something?

twdub: Can you post this on Third Coast for me? My password is whacked after not posting for years.

Re: Akira Oyamada

Nail it to Teek's thread if possible on Third Coast.
If not let it stay here. Most who knew him are over here on your forum.

Re: Akira Oyamada

Hey Mark - I was sad to hear about Akira passing when I read Teek's post. He was a cool guy, the way he shared the photos with us. He always wanted the surfers in the pictures to have them. I remember a fun day you and I caught a clean SW on inside elbow. Akira was there to document it. I have the pictures here somewhere. I'll dig through some stuff to find them.

We need to do something. If nothing else, get together and celebrate his stoke and generosity.

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Akira's obituary

Re: Akira Oyamada

Silver Surfer wrote:

Yes Tom:
I think something will be in the works when Teek gets back. I talked to Rakow and he said we should all get together and sort out all the photos over some beers. Teek wants to do something at the Elbow. Akira's family spread his ashes at the Elbow. That should not be taken lightly by all of us that knew him.

Outside of the D Land we all don't get together much anymore. Remember all the board christenings, surf movie watching, good bye parties for those heading to the coasts, Alewives band in Brickner's backyard,etc. Good times!

Yes I remember that SW early fall swell, Inside Elbow with you. That was it. Two of us. Knee high/thigh right burners! Warm and sunny.

Mark W

I like Rakow's idea: A memorial photo gallery with beer. I looked for a picture I have of him shooting but cannot seem to locate it...