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The forum had filled up. I cleaned it out.
Yesterday's waves are gone...time to paddle for some new ones.

Hope to see you line up.


p.s. It was good to see all in the line-up today.

Re: Staring new

Can I rent or buy a board from someone nearby for the next time waves kick up at Edgewater? 8 footer or longer is preferred...

Re: Staring new

Yeh, T-Dub! Yesterday was SO fun! Lotta great rides shared! Sad to hear Mitch Noyes lost his Go-Pro to the Lake. "Anybody finds it, 5 dollar reward!" See you on the next one...

Re: Staring new

Gotta start out new sometimes. Awesome weekend up at the 23rd Annual Dairyland Surf Classic and what a way to start off the new 2011 surf season yesterday with some super fun waves here in Racine. More surf to come. See ya all in da water. Sorry you lost your Go Pro Mitch. Burton

Re: Staring new

Thanks for fixing the site TW !

I'm glad that our paths crossed on Monday,
it's always good to see ya !

Did that guy from Minn find his keys ?

Re: Staring new

Dan - thanks for the heads up that the forum was full. I check it once in awhile and saw there were no posts. I never tried to post, so I didn't know it was full.

They never found their keys. They got a hold of locksmith who came down and made them a new key. they both got in the water and surfed before heading home.

It was good to see you also, I'm glad you got out.