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Basics of Saucer Propulsion

We are closing in on understanding. These links may be of interest. Forget everything you think or were taught about gravity and Albert Einstein because it's wrong and it's basically a criminally designed/inspired plot so as to keep truth to a select few. All available evidence strongly supports the idea that Germans successfully conquered gravity in the 1930's if not earlier.

This supposed illustration of the Vril II does have a number of parts which have now been successfully reverse engineered (my opinion). They include tetrahedron shaped dielectric magnetic field inductors and the so-called Marconi Ball, which is a representation in #3D of a planet (Earth for example).

Understanding how this works requires a real understanding of magnetism because magnetism is to gravity what a laser is to light. Magnetism is a condensed dielectric energy field which is all around us everywhere and that idea preceded the idiot Albert Einstein (Tesla called him an idiot and he was right). Henry Stevens concisely outlines the theory of the Aether in his book "Hitlers Flying Saucers."
Start here with Ken Wheeler's book.

When you put Stevens together with Wheeler, and then put that with the saucer illustrations, and then add on what we know today, see for example Hannes Olof Gösta Alfvén, then these illustrations come to life as workable theoretical illustrations for a gravitational form of flying space traveling vehicle, which shouldn't be too surprising considering the model is Earth itself.