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An occult explanation of how these craft may work.

This is my research into this subject. I don't normally deal with Flying Saucers but there's an aspect that can really explain this subject. Reading one of Alistair Crowley's books, I came across this quote that made a light bulb go off, "All things arose from the Teh, and the Teh budded from the Tao.((The law of the Tao is constant compensation; its method is always to redress the balance, and reduce the equation to zero. In its action it resembles the form of Energy which we call gravitation very closely. It is an inertia always tending to minimize stress.))"

People keep using the term anti Gravity, but that is not correct, gravity is just a consequence of separating the polar opposites, it is not the important thing. These craft move without moving. Anti Gravity doesn't solve any problems, but moving without moving does. G forces are not an issue at all if a craft is staying still.