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LET'S FLY AWAY ! [poem]

The Vril Gesellschaft [Society] The name Vril is the shortening of VRI-IL which means Like God. Officially Vril was The All German Society for Metaphysics which merged with the Thule Gesellschaft and the obscure DHvSS (Men of the Black Stone) in the year 1919.
I heard Maria gently calling me,

“Hey, come outside with me to play!"

Beckoning me she said invitingly,

“Friend, now it’s your Decision-Day!

But, do you really want to fly away,

Or do you somehow fear to go?

I'm asking, would you like to come with me,

Your answer I desire to know?”

Then she lamented rather wistfully

“If only all your friends could see

The wonders of the teeming worlds above

Revealing untold mysteries?"

Then Mary sounded very serious,

As she drew close by me to say,

“It’s now-or-never time, my friend!

Decide if you will go or stay?”

[Oh, how I want to fly away with her!]

[I know I've more to gain than lose,]

[So I’ll reply in the affirmative,]

[“Yes, Mary, I cannot refuse!”]

She smiled, then held my hand and said to me,

“I’ll show you many lovely things.

Come with me to my starship Artemis,

And sail with me on Vril-ya wings!

But fledglings, try to keep your fears at bay,

All of you lassies and you lads,

As we get ready for final lift-off,

With all your Gesellschaft comrades.

Our invitation everyone has heard,

Those who accepted, gather ‘round,

Prepare yourselves for your real-life Star-Trek,

When you depart from Gaia’s grounds."

Our Charlie‘s Angels band is greeting you,

The Vril-ya of the Galaxy,

Valkyrie warriors who defend Truth,

Amazons powerful and free!

We Vril-er-in-nen maids of Artemis,

Traute, Sigrun, Gudrun, Heike too,

Are computing our navigation route

To chart our Vril-ya rendezvous!

The flight-checklist is being finalized,

All systems active and online,

We feel excited by the Vril-ya rays

Vibrating our bodies and minds!

[Is all this really happening?]

[Is this a fantasy come true?]

[But if I dream, please don’t awaken me,]

[As I bid my old life adieu!]

Tachyon-levitator energized!

Artemis shining brilliantly!

We of the Vril-er-in-nen Gesellschaft

Smile as we defy gravity!

And swiftly catapult through azure skies

Into the indigo of night,

Where all the stars are dazzling silver streaks

As we transcend the speed of light!

Suddenly there looms a gigantic blaze!

Maria shouts “It’s Rainbow’s End!"

Our Artemis “dart" right on target now

For the Bull’s Eye, Aldebaran!