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A different look at the Germans in Antarctica Mythos

To be polite, I'm not sold on most if any of the mythos surrounding the Nazi reign during the early 20th century. Although interesting and in part romantic of the claimed contact with Aliens, Vril and the rest; it just does not add up. If Aliens were supporting the third Reich in any manner they would have won the war. And would have know that Hitler was a cancer to Germany.

So many mistakes including not deporting the Jews as per the transfer agreement(Hitler was the original Zionist) but to camps in Poland regardless if there was a Holocaust or Holohoax. Declaring war against the United States against the advise of his cabinet or whatever it was called in German. And the suicidal attack on the then Soviet Union aka Operation Barbarosa against the stern advise of the German High Command not to. Or it would be the death of Germany.

Although I believe the idea that Germans are currently residing in Antarctica mythos is remote I would offer a more plausible reason for them being there if true.

If one might recall many tried to assassinate Hitler because they knew Germany could not survive the current political and military direction. They failed with Hitler having blind luck.

And trying a political solution was nearly impossible as the nation adored Hitler as godlike. Now comes the real alien contact. And they offered the dissenting a way out. To Antarctica. Which only would be possible with advanced technology. There is no way, even clever Germans who build amazing underground facilities could build and survive in the Antarctica. Not to mention the fantastic problematic digging in the ice, artificial sunlight, flora, fauna and other needs for survival.

So two or whatever million Germans were transported to the new home beneath Antarctica. And although very pro German, discarded the failed one man rule Nazi ideology for a more republic form of government. Perhaps some of the UFO's seen are them making a presence. Or the so-called Nordic Aliens with a "German Accent".

I wonder what they would be thinking right now. Would they smirk at the mention of who runs the world currently? Would they ever make their presence know to the public at large? Would they assist political and/or militarily if civil wars broke out in Western Nations against the "NWO" or "Globalists"? What about the Aliens and their reason for helping the Germans relocate?

As I said, interesting but would not bet on any of this rigging true in the real world.