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Red string board thread: Look @/The past, not the Future/ Context not facts/

Red String board topic RSBT. (Not a discussion on setting up a RSB, nor a science discussion about what CERN does, just pay attention to the context, and share any new peripheral/connector you find).
Strongly suggest to check PBS Spacetime on youtube, and a quick rundown on Elon Musk for a better RSB.
Singularity: (def.1:) a point at which a function takes an infinite value, especially in space-time when matter is infinitely dense, as at the center of a black hole.
(def.2:)a hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence and other technologies have become so advanced that humanity undergoes a dramatic and irreversible change.
1-John Titor.
2-John G. Trump.
3-Barron Trump.
4-Nikola Tesla
5-Admiral Richard E. Byrd
6-Baba Vanga.
7-Denver Airport murals and art-deco symbolism.

-Redefining black holes in the 21ist century science paradigm.
-Dark energy discarded from new equations.
-Philadelphia experiment.
-Project rainbow.
-Operation Highjump.
-Boeing's Deep Space Gateways (DSG).
-AIs and singularity calculation.
-AIs and astral charts.
-Die Glocke (kecksburg incident).

@Cryptric references/exchangeable context.
-Kubrick's 2010 Space odyssey (HAL9000).
-Movie: Tomorrowland.
-Movie: Interstellar.
-Movie: 12 monkeys
-Movie: The Planet of the Apes.
-Ingersoll Lockwood's books. (The last president, Barron Trump's marvelous. underground adventure).
-Half-life (interdimensional travel, spacetime insertions, dystopia, unexplainable unfinished plot).

Made it too easy, specially with the pop culture references. Saw any connection while reading? Have fun...

Re: Red string board thread: Look @/The past, not the Future/ Context not facts/

why not the other movies?

Re: Red string board thread: Look @/The past, not the Future/ Context not facts/

That is all you need, if you are asking for "more movies" maybe this is not for you.
Nonetheless if you have any reference linking 2 or more peripherals or connectors then be my guest I will pay attention.

Re: Red string board thread: Look @/The past, not the Future/ Context not facts/

I mentioned Stargate and Timecop, were not those interesting to you as well?

Re: Red string board thread: Look @/The past, not the Future/ Context not facts/

.........mate, everybody agrees space odyssey is a science fiction master piece and stanley kubrick was a genius, and would I have to reference a low tier action movie, if I already have 12 monkeys -which is a serious script- to reference time travel to the past?
Now startgate is kinda relevant and well written, yes, but not where my strings are got lost in the "pop culture" references, those are just a "hook" for anons with imagination and general science knowledge to see some correlations.
Here is one nice space odyssey why did the astronauts need the help from an AI to travel into deep space? Can an AI store the whole astral chart into their memory? what happens at the end when the astronaut gets into the space/time singularity without the help of an AI calculating coordinates? well the astronaut simply got lost in hyperspace, he needed the AI as a compass. Elon Musk talks a lot about AI's and deep space travel. Anyways we can also reference interstellar here, the mcconaughey character needed help from the AI as space humans cannot understand "singularities", AIs can do it, and interpret them for us.
I hope I'm able to show this mental picture about referencing pop culture, I'm no smart scientist, just a spergy science afficionado with curiosity, so I figured movies like space odysey or interstellar are ways for us "normal dummies" to start having a grasp of ahead of our time concepts.

Okay, now you see why we don't need timecop if we have 12 monkeys? I cherry picked those movies for a reason.

Re: Red string board thread: Look @/The past, not the Future/ Context not facts/

Understandable, thanks for your extra explanation. Perhaps I need to revisit the movies you mentioned as it has been a while since I watched them... I also need to read through the greyfalcon content

Not able to contribute much at this hour, but will share these links which I enjoyed:

It seems to me that part of solving the riddle is also looking at the mystery of the Egyptians/Sumerians?

Re: Red string board thread: Look @/The past, not the Future/ Context not facts/

You are getting where I'm going, yes egyptians and sumerians are connected to astral charts and lot of cryptic references to space travel. And I do see where Stargate comes into place, well anon maybe this is your area try to build your sector of the board around ancient civilziations and their cryptic messages...I do recall that every single major ancient monument belongs to some kind of web of interconnected places all around the world, and endless and endless references to "visitors from the skies" in every single folklore in culture. There is a lot to put in a board over there.
Also did you see the video of Michio Kaku explaining "the universe does not exist according to equations" AI's helped with the calculations and the results where reality resembles more a stabilized simulation more than "entropy of thermodynamics and chaotic reactions". Check also the expression on his face:

BTW anon this guy Santos is an upper tier of spergy theorist, great stuff!

BTW [Tachyons]

Re: Red string board thread: Look @/The past, not the Future/ Context not facts/

Sorry, perhaps I misunderstand your preference towards Santos' presentation. Are you saying you do not prefer what he is saying? He makes some very interesting points as far as debunking the story of the bible, but I do understand it can be a bit of a stretch. I believe he is operating along the lines of Heliognosticism

Your post reminds me of Thomas Campbell who talks about life as a simulation:

P.S. Why "12 Monkeys"? There are 12 zodiac symbols and bible also says "12 tribes of Israel"... Is this a coincidence?

Re: Red string board thread: Look @/The past, not the Future/ Context not facts/

I do think he is okay, no irony, to me "upper tier of sperg" it's just a way of saying a very smart dude able to see patterns and correlations. Yes they tend to stretch things as numerologists tend to do, but he is very thorough and well informed so you never know what fact might connect to other.

My five cents on the number 12 and the duodecimal system are: the duodex system is better than the decimal for large calculations, and that is why is used in clocks and measure orbits (cycles) that has something to do with the number 13 (the odd number, the mutation, the "jump" in the fibonacci sequence). Just recalled another movie called Pi: Faith in chaos (do not mistake with life of Pi) about a mathematician trying to find the algorithm of the universe with the help of a computer. Anyways, the zodiac symbols to totally have to do with astral patterns, no idea about the 12 tribes of Israel, maybe a masonic reference.

also on tachyons (they are referenced in Tomorrowland, and Titor spoke about similar things WAY AHEAD of their time.)

Causality is a fundamental principle of physics. If tachyons can transmit information faster than light, then according to relativity they violate causality, leading to logical paradoxes of the "kill your own grandfather" type. This is often illustrated with thought experiments such as the "tachyon telephone paradox" or "logically pernicious self-inhibitor."

The problem can be understood in terms of the relativity of simultaneity in special relativity, which says that different inertial reference frames will disagree on whether two events at different locations happened "at the same time" or not, and they can also disagree on the order of the two events (technically, these disagreements occur when the spacetime interval between the events is 'space-like', meaning that neither event lies in the future light cone of the other).

If one of the two events represents the sending of a signal from one location and the second event represents the reception of the same signal at another location, then as long as the signal is moving at the speed of light or slower, the mathematics of simultaneity ensures that all reference frames agree that the transmission-event happened before the reception-event.

However, in the case of a hypothetical signal moving faster than light, there would always be some frames in which the signal was received before it was sent so that the signal could be said to have moved backward in time.

Because one of the two fundamental postulates of special relativity says that the laws of physics should work the same way in every inertial frame, if it is possible for signals to move backward in time in any one frame, it must be possible in all frames.

This means that if observer A sends a signal to observer B which moves faster than light in A's frame but backwards in time in B's frame, and then B sends a reply which moves faster than light in B's frame but backwards in time in A's frame, it could work out that A receives the reply before sending the original signal, challenging causality in every frame and opening the door to severe logical paradoxes.Mathematical details can be found in the tachyonic antitelephone article, and an illustration of such a scenario using spacetime diagrams can be found in Baker, R.

Re: Red string board thread: Look @/The past, not the Future/ Context not facts/

And I'm not really into that "life is like The Matrix" simulation thingy.
My interest in the video is about and official information gatekeeper as Michio revealing such information for the general public. Scientists never expected such results from those tests, it is a very interesting concept to ponder upon.