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Nadzee gaz vanz?

The article about mythical Nadzee gaz vans is nothing more than Soviet hate propaganda projected upon the Germans by Jewish propagandists like Ilya Ehrenberg.

First off, the article fails to mention the "official" version of the story alleges German "gazzing" vehicles were diesel vans, not gas. See here

The original Holocaust story claimed Nadzee "death camps" were located inside Germany as was the case for Dachau, a camp originally claimed to be a death camp, but later redacted for exclusion from the list. This massive, glaring revision proves the Holocaust story is a hoax.

Yet, Jews claim the reason the entire German population as a whole was "guilty" for the hallowedhoax was because the "death camps" were operating in the German people's "backyard." Therefore, since the German people did nothing to stop the evil Nadzees, because the German people did not rush to rescue "innocent" Jewish victims of Nadzee atrocities, they are somehow all guilty of supporting the Nadzee "genocide" myth.

Later on, because evidence in German camps was too accessible, the story quietly changed the entire venue to what was then Soviet Poland. This location assured Jews that any potential evidence for their hoax would remain hidden from inquisitive eyes, at lest unit they could phony up more "evidence." Thus, as travel restrictions eased the Soviets built replicas of the supposed gaz chambers before falsely claiming these "recreations" were the actual gaz chambers built by Germans.

Despite this glaring redaction of the original myth, the collective guilt of the Germans for the hallowedhoax never diminished one whit. In the same manner as the revised "death camp" locations, the original gaz van story held Germans used diesel powered vans for their dastardly evil exterminations. Like the camp locations,the story has now been redacted to claim the far more believable use of gasoline powered vehicles.

Thus one finds Jews are working hard to correct the obvious errors made in original eyewitness versions as is the case here Yet once again where can one find any documented evidence for these revised claims?

It has been repeatedly requested by those doubting such propaganda, that claimants provide any documented proof, like signed German documents, specifying these vehicle's use for the purpose of execution, as was the case for well documented, Soviet execution vans. Note: photos are not acceptable evidence as many such photos connected with the mythical hallowedhoax have been amply demonstrated to have been purposely altered or misidentified.

Such photos invariably fail to show anything identifiable to substantiate captions underneath. Thus the unsuspecting reader must rely on captions to explain what these photos are supposedly depicting. Classic examples are photos of shoes, glasses and hair claimed to have belonged to Jewish hallowedhoax "victims." Yet, where can such claims be verified in the photo itself?

Take a look at the photo on the website captioned "Jewish men at Chelmno await gassing by “Black Raven” gas van." Outside the caption, what evidence is there in the photo to substantiate this claim? How do we know these are even Jews, let alone their fate? This photo actually looks more like a still shot taken from a movie than any period photo. The real question underlying this photo is who is responsible for the photo's caption?

Jewish Soviet commissars actually did order the use of gassing vehicles, and this is undoubtedly where the idea came from to "project" this method of execution upon the Germans. Interestingly, the Communists were clever enough to use gasoline powered vehicles - not diesel - to gas their victims. In the long run the Jewish Soviet commissars found a bullet to the back of the skull far quicker and more efficient than gassing vans. As was the case here

The article also alludes to the German's "producer gas" vehicles powered by carbon monoxide gas. While it is demonstrable fact these vehicles did exist and were very efficient at producing deadly CO gas, once again there are no German documents specifying the use of such vehicles for execution.

Then too, how might one explain the highly inefficient "death camp" diesel engines allegedly used by Germans to gaz Jews in the camps? Jewish "eyewitness" reports say captured Soviet tank and submarine engines(!)were used as extermination devices in the "death camps," this despite the fact there is no, none, nine, zero, nada evidence whatsoever the Germans ever captured any soviet submarines.

Of course simple brains with the slightest understanding of diesel emissions know that using such engines for execution is patently absurd. This advertisement video visibly demonstrates the absurd stupidity of such claims. In light of this empirical evidence, how might one continue believing Germans were actually that stupid?

Consider the ~ documented ~ facts that Germans were first to develop and deploy the intercontinental V-2 Missile and the first jet fighter. Germans also developed the deadliest binary nerve agents known to man, like "Sarin gas," a weapon still maintained in US military inventory.

With such technology at their disposal, how could Germans have been so stupid as to use diesel engines to execute prisoners? As the video below points out, this is simply a matter of Jewish "eyewitnesses" being too ignorant and stupid to understand the technology they lied about.

Here is another video demonstrating the utter absurdity of diesel gazzing claims.

It is high time that every non-Jew dealing with these subjects take long, hard objective observations of the evidence - or lack thereof - for all claims connected with the Jew's "sacred" myth known as the "Holocaust." No doubt, God himself could provide enough evidence for Jews to ever admit their sacred hallowed is nothing but a monstrous, baldfaced lie used to hammer the German guilt complex over WWII.

Re: Nadzee gaz vanz?

There's a reason that questioning the historical event, the Holocaust is illegal in over a dozen nations. But on the inglorious internet any debate is ended with "I just know".