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from the trilogy 'why and how they live among us'

Before many billions of years, what we call "graceful and omnipotent God" mainly because of the joy that is given from life itself and the existence to every being, created the Angels (spirits) and the Elohim (fire flames).
Built the angelic creatures other intangible (spirits) and other with energic body (fire flame).
The Angels carry the message of God while the Elohim are the functionaries of God by performing in practice the will.
From the beginning of creation, there is the meaning of existence and rightfully the meaning of non existence, since the universe that was created is essentially the universe of opposites.
Because it seems God didn't wanted the abolition of the existences and the transition of them to a state of non existence, decided to create the human and assign him one ancient mission, which was nothing else than to ensure the existence of the whole creation that God would had created especially for him.
After "announcing" the creation of the material universe, the archangel Samael from the genus Ofanim, which had been designated as responsible for the harmony (the so called musical harmony) of the universe, when he learned that humans would be created, beings with spirit and body and capability of evolvement to reach the divine and perform the purpose for which they were created, disagreed with the decision of God to entrust this task to humans and defected from God and made great war in the universe having with his side the Angels who agreed with him the so called Nahrben (demons).
The final intervention of the first Elohim, the first and most ancient creation of God brought Samael "tethered" before God.
Then Samael deducted from the grace of God and was given only two powers. One to the world of spirits and one to the world of matter.
In the world of spirits was given the power to approach anyone he wants and say whatever he wants (to put thoughts).
In the world of matter was given the power to interfere in the atoms of matter. What we call atom and is so small that it is invisible to the eye. Looks like a small solar system. In the center instead of the sun is the core and around instead of the wandering planets are the wandering electrons at various distances. The power of Samael is to expel from the atom the most remote, the last electron, and it would be fair to do so. This "self explanatory" process to nowadays is the cause of electricity existance and was to disturb the material universe. Initially Samael didn't had the ability to activate it because the universe belonged to human who didn't had done something wrong, so that his universe, his "home" essentially, to suffer any damage from Samael. When Samael convinced humans that they can, like him, play the "gods" and exist without the God but to "exist" with the non "God" the humans deducted from Paradise (the third sphere of creation) and lost their powers that had over their world and activated Samael's power to expel the last electron.
So humans lost their energic incorruptible bodies, since Samael had the power of damaging them not only spiritually but also physically. Then humans with their corruptible biological bodies were subject to the laws of evolution of species.
Around 40.000 B.C. two hundred and one of the Elohim, the angelic creatures with the energic bodies, deducted after the influence of Samael, transformed into human beings and joined the humans who created the genus of Titans-Gigades or as they called themselves Nefelim.
The leader of these angelic creatures, that were eventually persuaded by Samael and opposed to the mission that had been assigned to them by God was Rahvel Semieza from the genus of Elohim.
The first join was done to the largest for that time city of humans, who were not as many "think" residents of the caves.
The city was called Aradis, which meant the city of valley.
It extended east of mount Olympus, where now is Katerini until Thessaloniki since Thermaikos bay didn't exist.
The first Nefelim were of two types.
The anthropomorphic Cyan giants that were born from humans and the batmorphic Nahsramon that were born from Lilith Lamasthu (the abomination of the revelation), who was the first female human that was created and alone deducted from Paradise because she wanted to kill and Adam and for her replacement Eve was created (which means Life).
The first "gods" were the deducted Elohim themselves, the second generation of "gods" were their children the Nefelim and the subsequent generations of beings that were also named "gods" were the monstrous filthy genera of beings that were created by cloning the "divine" DNA and mixing it with various animals, so were created the so called filthy genera to fight in wars, the Satyrs, the Griffins, the Minotaurs, the Reptilians, the Centaurs, the Cyclopes, the Hecatonchires and so on.
The Nefelim according to all the ancient texts of all peoples and all religions were beings "immortal" and omnipotent. They were only killed by copper that was strong poison for them. The Nefelim became the biggest scourge ever faced by human, because initially they ate the toil of the humans and then the humans themselves who were for the defiled and genus of slaves and food of the "gods" who fought each other for power of the fake, virtual world.
The technology at that time reached to very high levels and humans lived in a world technologically very developed, but suffered because for the "gods" they were nothing else than "consumables" (food) or Goim as they called them.
Around 33.000 B.C. was created the caste of Zeus that descended from the Cyan giants and saved humans.
Zeus created the genus of El that were philanthropists and had their base to Olympus in the country that now is called Ellas and was called then El-Las (which means base of the El).
The El fought in Titanomahia-Gigadomahia against all the other "gods" and defeated and expelled them from the face of Earth and closed them to Tartara, the copper hollow interior of the Earth that was created by Elohim El Sedai.
The Titanomahia-Gigadomahia was fought on the Earth, on the Moon, on the Mars and on other worlds.
The governance of the El followed which was completely different to the humans, who although were vassals to the new "gods" the El, but were not slaves and above all food of the "gods".
For this reason Zeus is mentioned in ancient texts as savior Zeus while the El as benefactors of the humans.
Then around 23.000 B.C., the El led by Apollon took instruction from God and left Earth for the constellation of Sirius, but some, who were led by Zeus and stayed on Earth were punished because they wanted another millennial prolongation of their power and their leaders headed by Zeus were closed inside crystal capsules and confined in the depths of the second highest mountain in the world, the so called mountain without name, symbolically called K-2, in Karakoram, north of Himalayas.
The humans continued their lives with technology remnant of the era of the "gods", who after their removal from the Earth left their technology heritage to humans.
Around 10.000 B.C. - 9.600 B.C. according to Platon, the Ellines who were descendants of the El (El-Lin which means the one who lives with the thinking of the El), fought with the children of darkness of the Nefelim, the Atlanteans.
The Atlanteans were defeated and vanished, but the whole planet returned to stone age and from there begins the paleolithic period, then the neolithic period, then the copper age and so on.
Since then, after that war, the events that occurred enabled the Nefelim to have tens of thousands watchers in the form of human beings that "live amongst us". They oversee the events so that the humans who have the Earth's surface never get in the interior and destroy them.
Nowadays, the technology of the Nefelim is greatly superior to humans. But there was a time when human technology could destroy them.
So they were given the power to "live amongst us", affecting from the background the lives of the humans and are separated into two major brotherhoods.
The Black brotherhood (old world order) that ruled undisturbed until about 1.750 A.D. controlling puppet kings and the White brotherhood (new world order) that from 1.750 A.D. started to control everything, controlling the governments of pseudodemocracies (since the so called democratic governments are a global joke and never work for the interest of human populations) which replaced the governments of kings, which also expelled or turned into puppets.
After 1.900 A.D. the White brotherhood decided to gradually reintroduce the technology of the "gods" to control more effectively the increasing world population of the humans that they want to reduce.
That presence of the Nefelim took advantage the deducted archangel Samael (devil) to implement the infernal plan of world domination over the earth under the reign of his son leadership the antichrist.
The plan of his is expressed by the 25 protocols of iniquity.
To protect the helpless humans Elohim El Sedai created a control system that controls the entire solar system. The plan of Samael that is based largely on the existence and effects of electricity is almost complete.
That plan, needless to say, is applied in absolute secrecy, since the existence of the Nefelim and the El has become since ancient years a legend and the legend became a myth and with the myths they say only the mindless are interested.
Nowadays people consider that for all around them are responsible the governments that supposedly govern states and supposedly are elected by "free" elections.
Those who consider that they understand a few things more, consider that the governments are pressured by the so called "strong" countries, such as America, Germany, Russia and so on.
The more advanced consider that behind all hides the international capital that has no country, but governs all the world's governments.
The conspiracy theorists consider that behind the capital are hiding the Hebrews who want to dominate in this complicated world and bring the Zionist dictatorship, since they believe that their Yahweh has promised them this futile world. So they took all banks, all multinational firms, companies, all governments, all United Nation, all NATO, all Hollywood, all media, all educational system and all administrative mechanisms of religions, promoting the plan of their global sovereignty.
I ask the conspiracy theorists. What do you consider most probable? the Hebrews to be such intellects and so superintelligent and have achieved something like that? or behind all is hiding someone that is immortal and having millions of helpers around the world and trying for thousands of years to set up the global control and the global state without having the stress of timing restrictions as we humans have?
Anyway all have their great plans either they want, either they don't want they will do the plan of the God in the end.

Re: from the trilogy 'why and how they live among us'

the Nefelim tribes are:

the Slaveh tribe (these ones are as devils with "human" body)

the Nahsramon tribe and the Bahomeh tribe (these ones have bat wings and "human" body and head, alias Batmen)

the Valah tribe (these ones have goat feet and head and "human" body)

the Narudh tribe (these ones have goat feet and "human" body and head, alias Satyrs)

the Lahmeh tribe (these ones have wings, lion body and eagle head, alias Griffins)

the Losdveh tribe (these ones have lion head and "human" body)

the Maltseh tribe (these ones have wolf head and "human" body, alias Lycanthires)

the Kahreh tribe (these ones have bull head and "human" body, alias Minotaurs)

the Kahsnah tribe (these ones have lizard head and "human" body, alias Reptilians)

the Saherneh tribe (these ones have eagle head and "human" body)

the Mashraveh tribe (these ones have wings, bull body and "human" head, alias Sphinxes)

the Revah tribe (these ones have horse body and "human" head, alias Centaurs)

the Dusveh tribe (these ones are as "humans" but they have one eye, alias Cyclopes)

the Zashradeh tribe (these ones are as "humans" but they have six hands, alias Hecatonchires)

the Kasrabah tribe (these ones are as "humans" but their head is to their waist)

the Vasraneh tribe (these ones are as "humans" but they have grey body, alias Greys the so called grey "aliens")

and the Kronian tribes that have the Ran tribe, the Hebre tribe and the Cyan giants tribe (these ones are as "humans")

all these tribes are separated into seventy two kings with seventy two kingdoms as much as the seventy two portals to Tartara (hollow earth)

they are to earth since fourty two thousand years