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Issues norway.

After som nonsence posts here about invicible hanebus based on a major laser effort in the community in norway. To make it clear. A nazi affiliation is a almost imidiate response if posting to this forum. Fact is that a propultion interest is not nazi however to quicly assumed. My community has had some problems here in norway. A major ufo show have been seen here, lasers. A machine might have been up here in 2004 2005. It looks like the black cross listed in ufo dayli in nov 2014 fore a powerstation in mexico. Thats the only machine I have seen here. The community has had long standing problems since the murder of Anne Orderud Paust in 1999. She was the personal secretary of the minister of defence. That problem has come back now with a new attempt to reopen a case of guilt in the case. That means certain forces are heavaly agitatet at this prospect. Therfore danger is about. The place is known fore somewhat agressive attitude. The situation is therfore more of the case and not of the reoccuring visits by a hanebu derivative drone. Wich the norwegian air force hunts agressively. A contact in shoenefeld air museum was interested with me to know what aerial activity was present here. Stressing the danger involved. A issue seeme to have arised in the community sørumsand on the local set super tech and older power unit from mid 70s. In fact all of it is a major problem. Wich seeme to encompass the intire scenario. Earlier I have had contact with Boyd Bushman. His comments on one of my propultion issues was quite inteteresting regarding schumann resonances and pipe gravity. However severly messed with this I can almost not get through to even the Goede foundation. Even worse it looks like norwegian interests like to say german infividuals neo nazi has something to do with 22 july. Highly unlike what I see in this issue. Also the local one. Therfore the issues are highly overpowering advanses in my technical search. The country is tense on neo nazi issues and distortion in all of this precludes engineering results in this mess.