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Mystery Ju-390 wreckage on US east coast

Readers here might be interested to Google search for " + Owls Head" and this should take them to s discussion there lifted from an archived discussion on the Twelve O'clock High" website in which Burlington Vermont businessman Ruben P Whittemore revealed the underwater wreck of a six engined Junkers aircraft. This aircraft went down just 2.5 miles from the owls Head lighthouse about 18 September 1944 in what appears to be a failed attempt to bomb New York.,33712,33784,quote=1

It is worth asking if you attack a huge city with just one bomber what is the point using a single high explosive bomb?

It would be invaluable if Ruben or some other intrepid diver in USA were willing to gather sediment samples from the seabed at the wreck site and have them mass spectrometry tested for radionuclides.

It is also worth asking if their was only ever one Ju-390 ever flown as according to Luftwaffe historians Karl Kossler & Gunthar Ott (held in great esteem like movie stars by some), then where did this aircraft come from?

The Ju-390 V1 prototype was retired at Dessau in November 1944 and stripped of propellers so the aircraft off Owls Head could not be the V1 prototype. Nor could it be the Ju-390 flown on 9th February 1945 from Reichlin.

So my question to Kossler & Ott is please explain this?

Re: Mystery Ju-390 wreckage on US east coast

Thank you for your information...I will look into it and get back to you.