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Espelkamp underground nuclear factory

Recently after writing an article for Nexus magazine on Nazi nuclear weapons as part 2 closed for press I received a very excited and garbled email from a German solicitor and private WWII researcher Dirk Finkemeier.

Dirk told me about Englishman Keith Sanders' father, Corporal Frederick "Fred" Glyndwr Sanders, RAOC, born in Kingsteignton, Devon, who with a party liberated and entered an underground complex at Espelkamp on 4 April 1945.

Inside Dirk tells me they discovered 40 Uranium centrifuges, a nuclear reactor and a 3.8 tonne nuclear bomb called 76-Zentner. Keith Sanders gave me a slightly different account that 76-Zentner was captured by the American 9th Army near Goslar on 26th April 1945.

Indeed currently a school Ostlandschule built over the former bunker site at Espelkamp in 1952 (formerly called Ernst Wiechert-school) has had to be closed. Children who were students there developed a variety of ailments possibly caused by radiation sickness

Dirk went on to assert that this weapon was the Uranium bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Indeed if you examine the history of the Manhattan Project, up until February 1945, when the spent fuel rods from the ORNL X-10 pile Graphite reactor were analysed the plan was to develop two Plutonium A-bombs, one called Fat Man and the other Thin Man. The results from X-10 proved that Plutonium 240 contamination would prevent Plutonium being used in a gun type nuclear device.

Thus in March 1945 there was no Little Boy bomb and nor did Manhattan have sufficient Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU). Indeed alarm bells were ringing during February 1945 that US enrichment methods were inadequate.

A subject which I find fascinating is that Ian Fleming's 30 AU commando were at Espelkamp and at Minden in this time frame. Keith sanders also asserts that the body of SS Lt General Dr Hans Kammler was found dumped in a water tank at the Espelkamp facility and that five staff cars of his personal entourage were captured in the attack on Espelkamp.

If Kammler did indeed die at Espelkamp then who masqueraded as Kammler until 27 April 1945 when Kammler is said to have freed 450 V-2 rocket scientists/engineers from imprisonment at Oberammergau?

Re: Espelkamp underground nuclear factory

Thank you...I will research further.