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Operation Kolumbus 1945 Martin Bormann

Who knows what 'operation Kolumbus' was.

It was organised by Martin Bormann and Helmut von Hummel was executing.

The supervisor was Zeller, he was arranging equipments and food from Eschelbach, so men could be stationed at 'possibility Walchensee'.

Re: Operation Kolumbus 1945 Martin Bormann

Thank you. I will look into it.

Re: Operation Kolumbus 1945 Martin Bormann

Thanks Franz, I'm still looking for the answer on this, it seems nobody ever heard of "operation Kolumbus"

Re: Operation Kolumbus 1945 Martin Bormann

Operation kolumbus was a secret operation to secret away nazi funds.Helmuth von hummel was the overseer of the operation under martin bormanns order's .From research the funds ended up in buenos aires argentina .

Re: Operation Kolumbus 1945 Martin Bormann

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for your reply. Do you have more details on this?

Why would they (Alfons Zeller and Helmuth von Hummel) bring equipment, food and people to the Walchensee area in relation to this operation?

What did Eschelbach have to do with this? This was a small group (around 45 people) of concentration camp prisoners working for von Hummel / Bormann? Do you have more info on this?

You say the funds ended up in Buenos Aires in Argentina, does it mean they took cash money from the bank in Berchtesgaden and took it to Argentina? (possible by submarine?)

I have many more questions and I'm very curious to know if you have more detail on this and how reliable it is.

I'm extremely interested in Martin Bormann in the period directly after the first of May 1945 and about what Helmuth von Hummel was doing in the same time.

I will really appreciate any additional information.


Peter (in the mean time we have moved back to Holland from Malta)