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Whether you are aware or not ?

The Gehlen cache is circulating.

Check back - you may find you already have the keys to unlock it and don't even know it.

1946 was a very interesting year indeed.

What you don't have is Rumsfeld here as an investment banker and just what was traded.

Gehlen made a select few VERY wealthy.

Terror and fear do sell.

Great efforts on this site. Not too organized but you've got some gems worthy of anyone digging deeper. The great irony is the Gehlen cache wasn't buried after all as was thought :)

No nation should stand to inhibit the truth.

Total is about 39 MB - the contents are more destructive than all of the nuclear warheads presumed to exist during the Gehlen inspired 'cold war'.

I would even go so far to say - Lockheed's stock doesn't survive release of the contents.

Look for what you may already have but do not know it.