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from the Thule Gesellschaft and the Vril society page

"....code name Sully was presented to me as the Vril girl" ooooh noooo

there are and other culprits code named Sailor Moon, Barby, Sindy, Bibibo, miss Piggy and other similar as goblins **** it!

"Are these two girls the same person?" nope!

"If so, she hasn’t aged!" because she uses anti aging pills!

"Is Sully the grandmaster of the Vril society?" "grandmaster"?!, and Sailor Moon is, and Barby is, and Sindy is, and Bibibo is, and miss Piggy is and other similar as goblins are **** it!

" depicts Isis under a bull" actually it is not a "bull" but a Nefelim!

"The Isis picture looked exactly like the Vril girl" that caricature on the signet doesn't look "exactly"!

"The ILAT-LITUM was divided into several engraved metal plates or tablets,...." from what metal then?! (by the way the copper books are from copper)

"It shows us the history of the gods since their arrival,...." the 201 fallen Elohim you mean?!

and they are not "gods" for God shake!

"....the war with the Reptoids,...." the kahsnah tribe of the Nefelim?!

"....the emergence of new types and species,...." the clone tribes of the Nefelim?!

"....the advancement of the DNA...." their DNA or the humans you mean?!

"It is the story of ourselves and all our deeds" also the copper books describe the history of the planet since 40.000 years!

"The book was not completely handed over to a human" from generation to generation you mean!

" well as to assess the upcoming events...." as a prophecy you mean?!

"Therefore, it would be very dangerous if it gets into the wrong hands..." of the Nefelim!

"Only when we all understand that we are children of the gods,...." not of the "gods" but of the God

"....there will be peace and the divine plan is closed for another eon" that is done by the God and not by the "gods"!

"....of the Anunnaki gods...." the Anunnaki are a caste of the Nefelim and they are not "gods" **** it!

"all subsequent appearances of Hitler were done by his doubles" the clones?!

"....and these archives are supposed to be opened up in 2012" "supposed"!

"....shortly after I published this book on June 17 2009, UFO sightings have increased in numbers rapidly" ooooh noooo

what you have done?!, you filled up the sky with flying disks again!