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from the German suicidal airplanes page

"A Fieseler Fi 103R-IV is being jumped by a Gloster G.41 Meteor F.MkIII...." WTF!!!! ooooiiii don't use inappropriate words!

how about "a Fieseler Fi 103R-IV is being jettisoned by a Gloster G.41 Meteor F.MkIII"

also the schematic with the Fieseler Fi 103R versions seems to be wrong it should be:

Fieseler Fi 103R-I was the basic single seat unpowered glider
Fieseler Fi 103R-II had a second flight deck fitted where the warhead would normally be and was an unpowered glider
Fieseler Fi 103R-III was a two seater powered with a pulsejet
Fieseler Fi 103R-IV was the standard powered operational vehicle
Fieseler Fi 103R-V was a powered trainer for the Heinkel He-162 with shorter nose