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Norwegian military extremes.

In 1999 on account of a military organisation Alfa.Anne Orderud Paust was killed in my town Sørumsand. She was at the time the minister of defences personel secretary. It was a mindcontrol ops on me to. That meant that My town encompassing a powerful phonix 2 as well as an older vril invicebilety generator in the river powerstation, was set into focus fore Norway. Alfa is an extreme organisation that have since killed numerous people around in norway. To cover up their murder. In 2011 A operation was set in on Utøya and 22 july. It was again purpotraited by Alfa and E14 intelligence. mindcontrol was used massively and use of imbedded imagery of german vril ufo into live stream of the bomb in oslo. To blame it all on vril and germany. Therfore a film on youtube on this that somebody has created. Therfore also the loss of a c130 in norway crashing in sweden on the 15 march 2012. Also blamed on vril using mindcontrol films sent to the public in norway showing ufo attacking the c130. This lead to the unfortunate death of 1 german 4 swiss and a french in the mountains shortly therafter. Retaliation by norwegians. The technology involved in this is images to mind and lasers that have been used in norway since 2010 to mimick vril ufo flying around. They set this game up long ago and worked themselves up to restart a war fore show between vril and israelis. A game the istraelis are into. The bomb on Burgas airport is an effect of israelis fals flag ops and had involvement from norweigan E 14. They are zapping experts and have zapped Dianas driver as well as the british prince on christamas eve 2011. The issue continuse and israelis have presumably killed a list of Dale Oen swimmer to be in the olympics. Kjakan Sønsteby milorg boss. Sven Stray former secretary of state right wing politician and adittionally more right wing politicians. All killed by zapping on radio frequency. The tragedy they have done is a coverdess murder of a 16 year old girl in oslo. Who is a family member of a dead from utøya.
All to cover up fore Alfa.