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Source of Heinkel picture on the Repulsine page


I'm actually very interested what the source is of the picture of the Heinkel "T", which is displayed on your Repulsine page.

The background.
I'm actually quite a thorough investigator about Schauberger, and it is for sure, that Heinkel betrayed Schauberger and developed a plane according to some schemata, that Schauberger drew for him.

A similar schemata of such a plane he drew, in a letter to his son Walter, you can see it here

It is obvious that they look very similar. Heinkel made the mistake that he let the exhaust of the motor out in the back of the plane. He got some heavy problems because of that, so that the Repulsine-effect (building of an artificial Tornado) always suddenly stopped working. Schauberger immediately knew, why this happened (because of the exhaust in the back), but he didn't tell this Heinkel as in his eyes he was a betrayer, although Heinkel asked him later for help, as he couldn't solve the problem and offered to give him 6% of the money earned with these planes.
So Heinkel stopped this project, as they just couldn't get, why the Repulsine-Effect sometimes just suddenly stopped. As Schauberger was told by a negotiator from Heinkel, a prototype has flown with more than 1'000km/h.

So back to my question:
I never before saw this picture of the Heinkel-Prototype anywhere. And it also seems a bit strange: First it doesn't really look, like a real plane schemata would look like and second because the labels are in english, not german.
But the shape and the detail, that Heinkel let the exhaust through the rear exactly match the historic facts, so maybe there's something behind it. But where did you get this image from? A book?
The picture says Heinkel "T", but the files reads He22. But the He22 was a different plane...
Heinkel "Taifun" would make sense as naming, as the actual way this engine worked was in building an artificial cyclone, in which the plane got sucked in.

I would be really very grateful if you would answer this question and shed some more light on this.

Thank you very much.

Re: Source of Heinkel picture on the Repulsine page

Ah I just found the source:

It's from the french tech-magazine "Science et Vie".

Never mind.

Re: Source of Heinkel picture on the Repulsine page


I managed now, to get the corresponding "science et vie" No 336 (sept. 1945).

And yes, in it there's a drawing of the Heinkel T and some measurement indications, but it is not the picture as displayed on your page?!?

So it looks like I will have to ask this question again: What is the source of your picture of the Heinkel T.
Additional Question:
You name it Heinkel Taifun. From where do you have this name?

I really would appreciate any answer.

Thank you.

Re: Source of Heinkel picture on the Repulsine page

I now know, where you got your picture from. From the swiss site

And now, I finally managed to get where this picture originates. It is from an intelligence report from oct. 1943, where all jet projects of the germans and italiens known to the english intelligence agency are reported.

And in there is this strange Heinkel "T".
The reported performance is outstanding. It reached a speed of 720mph and had a climb angle of 30°.
The english named this performance "somewhat fantastic", not really believing what their intelligence sources have told them.
The really interesting thing about it is, that Schauberger also said, that the Prototype of Heinkel reached over 1'000km/h. This would match these indicated values.
So IMHO it could really be, that this Heinkel "T" was really the Heinkel Repulsine-Prototype.
No other known Heinkel project matches the descriptions.
The big question would just be, why has all information being lost about this project. It seems only this intelligence report survived.

But I still don't get, how you came upon the name "Typhoon" for this plane. Is this just a suggestion? For in the report nothing like that is indicated.

Re: Source of Heinkel picture on the Repulsine page

You mentioned online an Allied Intelligence report from 1943 discussing the "Typhoon" with incredible speeds. I have also heard about this aircraft from other sources and gather the engine was some form of nuclear ion engine with about equivalent mass displacement of 30,000lb thrust. The Germans flight tested a prototype in 1944 at an airfield in Schwerin Mecklenberg.

Please can you share with me the title of the report you cited?
Have you any source which I could contact for a copy please?

I looked at the Swiss website and could not immediately locate where the report was mentioned?

Kurt Tank went to Argentina in 1947 with a commission from Peron to develop the Pulqui fighter plane with the same nuclear ion engine.

The British were so scared of the Pulqui that they bombed the research centre at Cordoba in 1947 [source correspondence with Dr Richter's son in law Omar Depasquale]and then sold Argentina the Meteor III as a compensation for abandonment of the project.

Re: Source of Heinkel picture on the Repulsine page

More investigation