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Marconi vortex dynamo

"group developed by 1939 a revolutionary electro-magnetic-gravitic engine which improved Hans Coler’s free energy machine into an energy Konverter coupled to a Van De Graaf band generator and Marconi vortex dynamo (a spherical tank of mercury) to create powerful rotating electromagnetic fields that affected gravity and reduced mass."

I have read the above statement on many websites on the German saucer project but I cant find any information on the "Marconi vortex dynamo (a spherical tank of mercury)"
Can anyone tell me where I can find more about this Marconi mercury generator. Marconi was a student of Tesla, could this mercury device actually be the invention of Tesla?

Re: Marconi vortex dynamo

Haunebu first could be a rigid airship like Zeppelin
but being build as the flying dish.
The ball on some line drawings could be simply metal
ball filled with hydrogen. The metal ball with
light gas becomes
a baloon when the ratio of the metal thickness
to radius of the ball is smaller then the ratio
between the air density and the metal density.
pictures from below show clearly that light cover
was spanned on rigid skeleton. This implies it was light.
When it was light is could be propelled ionicly i.e.
first the air around was highly ionized by the reversed operation of Hans Coler free energy machine
which can generate rotating magnetic field same as by
the Tesla transformer, then the stream of ions
was accelerated by the van der Graaf generator to generate
the drag. The problem is this would require an enormous
power since this kind of motors are inefficient and it
would have to have nuclear reactor on board.
Most likely it was a combination of tunnel hovercraft
propulsion and the rigid airship or simply
the helicopter and the balloon in one. Magnetic
field from the impulser could be used only to orient it with respect to the
north using earth magnetic field when the helicopter-airship setup was used to put it high in the stratosphere first and then
the rocket engine was turned on.
No one knows for what the Marconi dynamo was clearly but
it is the electric motor working on induction.
When the mercury is put in the rotating magnetic field
it will induce currents in the mercury which further
generate magnetic field which repel with the original, the mechanical rotation of the mercury occurs and the
hydraulic torque which can be extracted by the turbine. This motor could be used further to
power the dish size propeller around which is seen on some drawings to enhance the ionic drag.

Re: Marconi vortex dynamo

Also the basic idea to create antigravity with
strong electromagnetic field is correct within
non classified Physics.
It is known that the charged particles like
electrons or nuclei gain the mass when they are surrounded by the electromagnetic field.
The mass gain of the electron for example is
given by a simple formula dm=E^2 a^3 where
E^2 is the electromagnetic energy density and
and a is the size of the matter oscillation.
It simply means that the Einstein mass gain is
purely electromagnetic due to the surrounding
photons. The Haunebu in principle could be
as rigid as a tank. It would simply ionize the air around with ultra strong electromagnetic fields
and further accelerate the air electrons and ions
so strongly that they become heavy relativistic plasma, plasma denser than water which could
push it up as a balloon but with rigid construction.
To make the mass of the air plasma sufficient so
the flying dish weights nothing it is roughly
the same mass of Uranium that the dish weighs
before starting so the energy problem occurs.
Assuming the energy problem was solved somehow
the hull would have to stand the relativistic plasma
around and so beta gamma and alpha radiation.
Assuming the basic electromagnetic-Archimedean mechanism survives in some more complex theory like Einstein once worked but the formula stays the same
without matter, the force acting on Haunebu
even far above the Planet and without the air or
any matter like i a free space
would be against the gravity and equal E^2 V g/c^2 = G M E^2/(c^2 R^2) V where
E^2 is the electromagnetic energy density V is the Haunebu
volume c is the speed of light, g is the local gravity acceleration and, R is the Earth radius, and M the Earth mass with G
the gravitational constant.

Re: Marconi vortex dynamo

The working Haunebu model
is quite simple to make since the normal radiation pressure is observable in the vacuum. It is a variation between the metal foil balloon with helium and the outer LC circuit of the Tesla transformer. The balloon may be spherical and it has
the light inductance coil attached to it. The balloon must be tuned to the weight resonance
i. e. must approximately neither fall or go up.

While the Tesla transformer is turned up near and
with the frequency of the balloon LC 2 Pi (1/LC)^0.5
the balloon will intercept the energy also radiate and fly up.

Re: Marconi vortex dynamo

One may notice that even if Germany could produce
real Tachyons with the negative mass to repel with Earth as one an conclude from the
name of the main engine the Tachyonator, the energy order of such
device would be the same. The mass of the particles
generated by Haunebu of the negative mass by
the deexcitation of the vacuum and the relative
energy -mc^2 to the normal vacuum would be equal to the
energy emitted from for example the 1/2 contribution to the
all electromagnetic field oscillators as in
quantum Feynman theory.
This energy would be the same
that needed in the conventional theory without Tachyons
to create electromagnetic fields so dense that the
electromagnetic Archimedes principle is applied to Haunebu in the Earth gravity field to generate normal buoyancy by such fields and the effective
relativistic mass density equivalent to this field
is such that the mass of burned Uranium to generate them
would be the same that the mass of Haunebu and much above normal atomic bombs. This negative mass would
have first cancel with the positive Haunebu mass
and has also the energy -Mc^2.
The later however is the true effect since photons
really fall in the gravity fields and their pressure
on Haunebu is different above and below for the
fixed densities.

Re: Marconi vortex dynamo

Working die Glocke, one of the central elements on some line drawings, chained
in the heavy concrete testing ring original movie suggests however that the
main antigravity was due to the normal nuclear
reactor inside die Glocke simply creating the virtual helicopter
blades from the air pressure for the tunnel propulsion as one can see a
clear radiation inside and the helicopter - like rotation
and instability of the rotor: Running with the open reactor Haunebu was clearly not environmental friendly.

Re: Marconi vortex dynamo

Haunebu could be also magnetic Helicopter from principle. Yet another and more realistic interpretation of the Haunebu technical drawings is possible, simply the magnetic helicopter using the Earth magnetic field, the field aligning the magnetic needle to show the North. Die Glocke could be than an electric or even Diesel motor to power the blades and the elecric power generator. Let us imagine that the helicopter blades are conducting and the current inside them is alternating and phased to the point when they are mostly perpendicular to the Earth surface magnetic field line when the Lorentz force on the current is maximum. But it again requires too giant currents of the magnitude of Tera Amperes through the blade so and superconductors if any to put 120 meters dish up interacting with the Earth field so weak so the Haunebu with this mechanism would be a balloon and the magnetic force would be only to steer it. With this interpretation the basic design as the magnetic helicopter is realistic but it again had to be also the balloon on weight resonance. Maybe the drawings are early and show good principle but with the lack of realistic parameters.

Re: Marconi vortex dynamo

To provide thrust at least supporting the levitation
in Earth magnetic field only as weak as 10^-5 Tesla of the flying dish craft of the weight 10 tons or 100 000 Newtons and assuming at least 100 meters of looped semi-superconducting wire it requires from definition of Tesla providing Newton of Lorentz force from 1 m of the wire: 100 000 / 100 / 10 ^ -5 = 10^7 Amperes of the current which would constantly emit 10 MW of I*U heat if only under 1 V voltage. But the craft must accelate fast so should be really 100 times more or 1000 MW which is the whole big power station. Directly over the Earth magnetic poles the Haunebu could even use nonrotating fields but there the supporting component of the field would be even 1000 times smaller which is another factor. For the normal rocket the power of the rocket engine maybe 1-200 MW (2000 m/s of the trust gas velocity per Newton weight) so it would be giant military design most likely nuclear and supeconducting that way. Superconductors of this size are not possible but this could be also the tank of Mercury used as simulating superconductor in Marconi dynamo with induction currents to try to produce so giant current inside the liquid Mercury with no much heat. Die Glocke, the mysterious device seen on line drawings rotating the Mercury to induce currents would have to have such giant powers.

Re: Marconi vortex dynamo

With that interpretation Marconi vortex dynamo (MVD)
powered by Die Glocke would be the giant electric
power generator with the main goal not to extract
that power out but to generate the giant magnetic dipole
around Haunebu interacting with the dipole of the Earth field to repel with it and generate antygravity.
The problem is that at the equator where the Earth
magnetic field is parallel to Earth horizon it would
no work that way at all and would try to turn the Haunebu over. The small version of the MVD would be the one electron, proton or neutron both spinning and having the magnetic moment which can be trapped and float in gradients of magnetic fields. Die Glocke would have to be at least the 1000 MW or at least of 10 big modern rockets nuclear power device.

Re: Marconi vortex dynamo

However the Van de Graaf generator is mentioned
as well which suggests also usage of huge voltages. It appears at least from the principle to be possible to use mechanical currents in the Earth magnetic field to cause flying craft levitation,
for example scaled balls well known from toy school
electrostatic machines which would rotate parallel
to the Earth surface and the plane of the Earth magnetic field where at most places they are contained.
The symmetric pair of such balls rotating
again would cause the twist and the Haunebu to flip if
they have the same charges but if they had opposite charges the net force would be lifting. The voltage between them would have to oscillate and maximize where their linear velocity would be perpendicular to Earth field magnetic lines since otherwise the lifting force would oscillate and average to 0.
This could require the Tesla generator powered by the
static voltage van der Graaf. But it again requires giant numbers for voltages and powers.
The capacitance of perfectly conducting sphere
is C = 4 Pi Epsilon_0 R where the electric
susceptibility of the vacuum is very small
Epsilon_0 = 8.85 ^-12 F/m. To get mechanical current
of balls charges of 10 000 000 Ampers and the proper
Lorentz force to lift heavy object for ball of the radius 10 m and rotating at mechanical 10 kHz of modern electric motor and around
some 100 meters path it would take 10^10 = 10 000 MV to put one Coulomb of charge on the ball and generate
10 000 Ampers that way and 1000 more i.e 10 000 GV and 10 kHz oscillatory voltage.

Re: Marconi vortex dynamo

This sounds very much like a GMA (Gyroscopic Momentum Accelarator). I used to mess about with these things as a girl. They move by creating their own momentum which is focused in only one direction. Technically you could bolt one of these things to the floor of a sea-container, close the doors, then turn it on. The sea-container would rise off the ground. Try doing that with a helicopter.

Re: Marconi vortex dynamo

The realistic theory of creating Tachyons or particles with negative gravitational
mass appears also relaistic withing improvement of general theory of relativity
allowing gravity fields with non-vanishing rotations i.e. the magnatic gravity
fields generated by currents of mass. The gravitational Lorents force in maximum vector
configuration will be given by

F = dm/dt G/c^2 M v /r g

G is the gravitational constant from Newton law.
The first is the Ciolkowski factor of generating the normal rocket
thrust from the momentum edjection dm/dt * v , the second shows
how weak the effect and is the ratio of the hyphotetical self iteraction energy
at the distace from the mass conductor to the relativistic rest energy
G M*M/r devided by M c^2

The samll factor comes from the fact that the gravitational waves should also move
with the speed of light and should enter that way the wave equation for them,
The theory immediatelly implies anty-particle in the sense of not the electric
charge but in sense of the gravitational mass which would be negative.
Would would generate the pair is quantum graviton with the energy
of 2 m c^2 in analogy to electrom positron pair.
From symmetry anty-g-particles would attract each other like the normal matter
but they would repel with the normal matter and the Earth.
Thule tachyonator could be filled with this any-g-matter permanently like
the baloon with the gas lighter then air. It hoever would have to use
rocket engines to land and dock since regenrating so many tachyons would be
again as expensive energetically as Mc^2.
The gravitation magntism was discovered recently in superconductor experiments hovever much stronger that this theory.

Re: Marconi vortex dynamo

How weak the gravitational Lorentz force is really if it existed ? If the mass current
was that of the Amazon river some 100 000 cubic meter of water per second and the electrons were speeding as much as they can at the speed of light to maximaze the force the electron beam would deflect as much in the old TV cathode ray tube due to the normal gravity (below 0.1 mm) on a giant distance of 1000 kilometers !!!

Re: Marconi vortex dynamo

It is also possible that Xerium 525 the hypothetical
energy Ambrosia powering die Glocke where the positron
and electrons in so called Trojan states.
They require rotating electromagnetic fields
to keep electron and positron pairs frozen
and not recombining in so called Trojan wave
packet states http://w t-Surhone-Lambert-M/dp/6130460 66X where their wave functions do not
overlap at all which prevents recombination and
the relativistic energy release. Positron propelled
Haunebu could really fly since the energy release
from positronic "Xerium" would be of few hundred of atomic bombs.
Otto Schuman could clearly discover Trojan wave packets even
on Z-3 computer
as to Nazi scientist and at least line drawings of Haunebu
propelled by the Trojan positronium pair could be real.

Re: Marconi vortex dynamo

This scenario applied for Deuterium nuclei as Xerium but in the opposite sense that the mutual orbit will be of the order of the wave packet spread can be used to provide the theory of the cold nuclear fusion. The double-star system mutual Deuterium-Deuterium circular Trojan orbits in ultra strong magnetic filed will cause the fusion rate corresponding the muon catalysis for the packets moving near the speed of light and the field strength one 10^6 Teslas million of times less that this in neutron stars called magnetars.

If die Glocke was the fusion reactor on the other hand first in addition to
CP fields to generate Deuterium nuclei Trojan wave packets it would have to produce giant magnetic fields of the order o millions of Tesla but the current civilian Earth labs can produce barely
1000 and in explosion spikes.

Re: Marconi vortex dynamo

There is also a science approved known "Haunebu effect" on neutron
called sometimes a "Third force" which has elements very similar to the one mentioned in the note and which appears to scale only if someone would properly charged and polarized the air around the flying dish and the elements mentioned have also sense in this context:

Normally neither the uniform electric or the magnetic field can accelerate
or generate any force on the magnetic dipole but their combination
does and the energy apparently from nowhere but really from
the internal structure of neutron which propels spin and its precession and
is nuclear is transferred into the motion.
Because the free evolving spin with the magnetic moment undergoes the precession according to Bloch equations i.e. the end of its vector axis moves around the circle and its tilt angle with respect to the magnetic field vector is constant it also generates the magnetic field which is time dependent. This field is generating the magnetic flux which is variable in time and according to the Faraday's induction law and the Special Theory of the Relativity it is seen in the laboratory frame as the combination of two fields, the magnetic and the electric one. Now if such spin is placed between the plates of the charged capacitor the variable in time magnetic flux from the dipole motion will induce forces acting on rigidly mounted electric charges. According to the III Newton's principle of dynamics about the reciprocity of force action this force also acts backwards with the same strength on the magnetic dipole. In the extreme condition of the precession angle of 90 degrees this force is therefore in the direction perpendicular to the electric field and parallel to the magnetic field. Such capacitor however is equivalent to the constant electric field generated by its charged plates. In general case of the electric and magnetic field orientation the third force can be expressed as:

FIII= 1/mc E x (m x B)

The existence of this force can be readily checked experimentally by forcing the precession of a small long magnet or powered solenoid with an electric motor and putting the setup on the sensitive scales while placing the whole between a large capacitor plates charged with the high voltage from the electrostatic machine. The apparent weight of the rotating solenoid will change upon the rotation and upon the capacitor charging. For the neutron the rotation propulsion is intrinsic and comes from its internal structure.

It makes sense at least from the design that the tank of Mercury
was to be modeling a giant neutron with the rotating dipole moment and the van der Graaf generator was to polarize the air around as the capacitor to case the same.

Bul also in this cnfigurations the powers pumped should me superatomic.

Re: Marconi vortex dynamo

Thank you. Lots to research

Re: Marconi vortex dynamo

There is also the native Haunebu effect: the flying gyroscope
when the anty-gravity can be obtained through the dynamical
effects. It turns out from the theory of Trojan Wavepacket
that the electron rotating on a circular orbit may gain IN THE ROTATING FRAME the effective NEGATIVE
MASS due to the presence of the Coulomb potential:
It the similar way the heavy rigid rotor may gain the effective negative
gravitational mass may switch the rotating coordinate systems.
In that case of the electron it is the coupling between the angular
and the radial degrees of freedom while for the rotor
between its internal degrees of freedom and its position in the
field of the rotation gradient of all around.
The kinetic energy of the rotating object is given

E= I w^2 /2

where I is the moment of inertia and w is the
rotational frequency. Is is always of the order of M r0^2 where
M is the mass and r0 is the size ( the radius) of the body.
While being in the rotating frame rotating with the
the frequency Om its true kinetic energy is E= I (w + Om) ^2/2
While being above the North or the South Pole (it must
rotate parallel to the Earth rotation and in the same direction) one may assume
that Om is the function of x through the height above the
level of the Earth while the atmosphere is dragged and forced to rotate
and it stops to rotate somewhere very high which means that the Om
is the function of x. The leading term in the rotation energy
is therefore I w * Om(x) and the force acting (UP !) because the
energy drops with the height is equal to w d Om/dx.
Assuming that the rotation of the coordinate system drops
linearly we may approximate d Om/dx by Om/h where Om is the
frequency of the Earth rotation i.e. 2*Pi / 24 /3600 Hz while
h is the thickness of the atmospere let say 10 km.
The gyro will be flying up when the gravity force equals to
the gyroscopic force on the rotor i.e.

M r0^2 Om w/h = M g

When the flying dish is mass is almost equal to its rotating gyro
inside we may see that the flying effect depends only on the frequency
of the gyro.

Assuming the Haunebu had r0 = 100 m radius while the
atmospere rotates fully with the day period at the ground and stops to rotate at all 10 km above the Earth poles we obtain:

w = g h /Om r0^2 = 10 * 10 000 * 3.6 *1000 * 2.4 * 10 / 2 / 3.14 /100 00 = approximately 100 000 Hz = 0.1 Mhz

which means that the flying dish gyro must on very slowly
rotating Earth rotate with the radio frequency when also having
a few ton mass which is again the extraterrestrial object.
While the maximum linear velocity of 100 m radius rotor object
would reach 10 000 km/s which is 1/30 that of c this object is also
clearly relativistic.