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Richard Dolan

I just read the article titled: UFO Secrecy and the Death of the American Republic, by Richard M. Dolan, dated February 21, 2005.


Some of it was interesting but most was overly-simplistic bunk. Mr. Dolan appears to be one of those people who likes wearing dark sunglasses and then complaining that the world is a dark place in which to live.

Tell me, Mr. Dolan, if America is an "empire" then why did we relinquish control of Europe, not once but twice? We certainly could have appropriated vast tracts of Germany in 1918 and 1945. We could have even taken parts of France and given all the soldiers in Great Britain, we could have had that too.

Why is it that I don't see you mention communism and the Cold War - no Stalin, Mao, Ho, Castro or the North Korean "Dear leader" Kim Il Song?

America does have bases all around the globe. But Mr Dolan, do the Japanese know that you’ve decided that they are a part of the “American empire?” Do the Australians know that too?

Probably 95% of bases are covered by a SOFA (Status Of Forces Agreement) with the HOST country. Have you ever known of an empire who allowed the host to dictate terms like those? (Examples, please.)

Many if not all of these host nations want the bases there and object when the US tries to pull them out. Do you know of any example of history where an “empire” faced this curious situation?

You say you oppose the Patriot Act as a dangerous threat to freedom. Do you or do you not agree that American freedom was used against us by 19 high-jackers who went on to kill over 3,000 Americans on 11 September, 2001? Do you or do you not agree that the stated purpose of the Patriot Act was to give law enforcement tools to combat Islamic terrorists?

Now . . . let's assume that you believe the Patriot Act is a true evil threat to our freedom. Then there must be thousands of Americans who have been arrested, tortured, imprisoned, and so forth. Can you provide us a list of their names? I don't need the names of all the several thousands (or tens of thousands) . . . how about just the first 1000?

If that’s too many, how about the first 500? 100? 50? 20?

How about just 10?

I suspect you'll be able to provide SOME names . . . all of which have nefarious connections to the Middle East and known terrorists.

Now, admittedly, there may be three or four on the list who are truly INNOCENT VICTIMS. But I’ll bet you a steak dinner at an expensive restaurant that the number of “victims” is FEWER than the number of victims of any IRS laws, RICO or any government legal program. In other words . . . no law is perfect. But mistaken investigation and prosecution is not the point you make . . . you claim the Patriot Act is a threat to our freedom. Where is the evidence of the threat?

Maybe this is a slightly easier task. Can you please provide a list of all the violations of the 4th Amendment as a result of the Patriot Act?

Can you provide us a list of what you call the “infamous ability to sneak and peek” contained in the “carefully worded Section 213?”

You wrote the article in 2005. The Great Dictator, Bush the 2nd, was in power then. I’ve never heard of a dictator or emperor who tolerates criticism.

In any event, given that you believe Bush was a dictator, how did you manage to publish this article?

Bush The 2nd left office in January 2009. I’ve never heard of a dictator, much less an emperor, abandoning power. The one possible exception is Spain’s Francisco Franco. But the jury is out on whether he was really a “fascist dictator.”

Anyway, given that you believe that America is either a dictatorship or an empire, can you explain why Bush gave up power? Do you know of similar examples? (If so, please provide.)

Mr Dolan, I will borrow the term schizophrenic and apply it to your article. It appears that you weren’t quite sure what you wanted to write . . . or maybe two outlines ended up merging into one.

I too am perplexed about the UFO phenomena. I believe that there are levels of secrecy and it would not surprise me if a UFO center (or centers) of authority existed outside of the Executive and Legislative sphere of control. They do in all societies. The Church, for example, was a center of authority outside the sphere of feudal monarchs. Scientists (or alchemists as they were then called) existed outside both spheres. So did the Knights Templars and Freemasons.

But you failed to prove the point that the silent fascism of the US even exists, much less than it is influenced by a hidden, super-secret UFO bureaucracy.

You could have written an excellent article about the silent UFO bureaucracy without first denouncing the United States as a fascist nation, dictatorship or empire.

That you chose to do both was sloppy, simplistic and merely serves to illuminate your own dark biases.