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Hitler's rise from nothing to everything

I'm curious how a young Austrian boy who was a total nothing and as far as I know did not do well in school, later become what many have described as "brillian" and a man of "encyclopedic knowledge on many subjects."

Is this all lies and propaganda or are there explanations for this.

Any comments or links to articles on the subject welcome.

Thank you

Re: Hitler's rise from nothing to everything

I often have thought how Hitler did it. Some stories place him as a part of the petigree blood line that many of his worshippers would probably call demonic. Well financed and protected till his usefulness had expired? The Germans and Others paid dearly for siding with him. Was it all for european population control? His generals wanted a negotiated peace and offered to kill Hitler. Allied powers told them it would not make any difference if he was killed,the war would continue anyway. It is possible that the bombmakers felt Hitler was not true to their side and therefore went ahead with the attempt.

I was told of a book called "the Memoirs of Bridget Hitler"(1979)that is suppose to place him in England for the 2 years before WW1.(spy for England??) It's on my "to find list." Amazed and Confused -- Ed.

Re: Hitler's rise from nothing to everything

Hitler was educated at the same school as Ludwig Wittgenstein. The latter often tops lists of greatest philosophers of the 20th Century:

There's a nice picture of the school-mates on this page: