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Rare airplanes made in Finland (Corrections)

First thank you for the Rare aircraft page is really fine. However I'd like to make some corrections and addons concerning planes made in Finland (aprox. 1920-50).

Finnish airplanes (made in Finland):

Adaridi 1 piece,
L.V.G. CV 2 (license)
L.V.L. C24/C25 2
I.V.L. D26 Haukka 1
I.V.L. D27 Haukka II 2
I.V.L. Kurki 1
Sääski I & II 33
Paarma 1
VL Kotka ?
VL Myrsky I & II ?
Valmet Tuuli ?
VL Viima ?

By license made planes ware several, but others waren't rare at all.

besides those you already have there:

Mörkö Morane (actually just Morane Saulnier 406 w/Klimov M105 engine) (on page there is misspelling)
VL Humu
VL Myrsky
VL Puuska (actually none ever made)
VL Pyörremyrsky
VL Wihuri (none ever made)

Those are the planes made (planed) in Finland 1920-1950 all quite rear ones.


VL = Valtion Lentokonetehdas = Finland State's Aicraft Factory
Haukka = Hawk
Kurki = Crane
Sääski = Mosquito
Paarma = Horsefly
Kotka = Eagle
Myrsky = Storm
Tuuli = Wind
Viima = Icy wind
Humu (not able to translate - means a wild quy)
Puuska = Gust
Pyörremyrsky = Hurricane
Wihuri (is a proper noun)

Pictures of the planes can be downloaded from Internet (Google by name and aircraft/airplane or in Finnish "lentokone")



Re: Rare airplanes made in Finland (Corrections)

Im sorry this section has been discontinued and pictures deleted