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I just stumbled across your page on Otto Skorzeny ( ), and realized that much of it was directly plagiarized from a paper I wrote in late 2002 and posted to the internet at

The fact that I never granted you permission to reproduce my work would be forgivable, had you credited me as the source of the information. However, since you have not, I am requesting that you do one of the following:

1. Remove my material from your website; or
2. Credit me as a source and include a link to my paper on the webpage.

You may contact me directly at rvest*at* (naturally, you would replace "*at*" with @). I hope we can resolve this diplomatically

Re: Plagiarism

I am sorry but I never saw your article until you send me the link to it............I found it uncredited on the net........

You can tell by the slightly different wording and the lack of references and foot notes.

I'm very sorry if you thought I plagiarized your article but there are versions of it floating around.

Ideally since yours is the original I would like to use it, properly credited and with the proper end notes.......

Please let me know