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Roswell Question

Black Sun:
Was the craft that crashed at Roswell, NM in 1947 American, German, alien, or other?
In a world so full of deception and lies, it's impossible to evaluate what we see, hear, read; because we do not know what is real or made up. Especially something that happened during the World Wars or at Roswell in 1947.
All the conjectures make for interesting reading, but they don't solve our problem of knowing truth from falsehood.
I suggest all of the readers of this forum obtain from Tony Bushby's The Bible Fraud, The Secret in the Bible, and The Crucifixion of Truth. Religious fraud is clearly revealed. And, if we can't believe all that we've been taught in the name of religion, how can we possibly believe all the warring factions about something like ufos, alien life, etc.?
Let all of us know what you think of this line of reasoning.%20void(0);

Re: Roswell Question

While re-reading an interesting essay from William Cooper I stumbled upon an article on this page and was astounded about some significantly wrong details portrayed in this article written by Brad C. Sparks which I will list below. I neither support nor share or oppose the opinions of Lt. Colnel Phillip Corso, Brad C. Sparks or William Cooper. It was just curiosity and about an hour of „investigation“ which brought me to the point that absolutetly no one of these persons know or knew the absolute truth. They do nothing but just say what they think/thought, (might) have heard, or reproduce what they were being told or „implanted“ to tell to the public. I think one has to be an alien himself to know the absolute truth . I think no one of us common people has the slightest idea what`s really going on and what`s going to happen or not, including military or illuminati or whoever else might think of himself or its organisation as being supreme and real smart and powerful. They are all less than nothing compared to even the slightest „reaction“ of our relatively small planet, not to mention even the sun or our galaxy. They are not even able to just compute the correlations between our solar system and the rest of our galaxy which obviously civilizations thousands of thousands of years before us where capable of – so what do these military/illuminati/whatever-nerds think what and who they are?? When Earth shakes itself just a tiny little bit all the parasitic fleas are gonna die real fast. Most people talking about that alien and/or conspiracy crap don’t ever think about the plan that could be behind these stories. They don’t investigate themselves and do just believe what a so-called insider tells on the internet or any other media. And furthermore they do not take in consideration that most of the information could have been corrupted. I think most of the secret services and secret societies are way less powerful than they would like to be or would like the people to think of them to be. Why do they always fight for their New World Order and try to dupe people in their omnipotence like „Big Brother is watching you“ and all the other nonsense, like putting fluoride in the drinking water etc., if they are really so powerful and almighty like they want us to believe them to be? Boy, if I were certain of my unbelievable power and myself I would not have to convince anybody by threatening, telling horror stories, creating fantasy of alien landings and other lies, polluting food and environment etc. – I would just be and if something doesn`t run the way I like it, I simply would vaporize or solve „the problem“ AT ONCE. The fact is, that those people are to their bones afraid of US and our potentials and what natural cycle is next to come and that they are way less able to control people as all the so-called „whistleblowers“ would tell you. They can only assume what it might be, that natural cycle, but they know that all their technological nonsense (which is way less developed as they would like you to think) will not help them for just one second, because there are no seconds, there is just ONE PRIME. These people are now slowly realising how more and more people awake and do no longer buy in the bull**** these organisations are spreading. They are afraid of us discovering all this nonsense going on and that we don`t need anything – that we have already everything we need in us and are completely independent from everything they or the world or any dimension can offer to us and absolutely NOTHING can harm us whether it is an alien from 5th dimension or a simple bullet from a gun – because we simply ARE. Why is this so?  Because we are the prime essence of everything, we are even prime to the prime essence … and by writing „we“ I mean absolutely everything that lives and everything is really alive regardless whether we can see or measure it or not. The difference to other compounds of matter or energy is that matter/energy composed in the form of a human being is the first creature on this planet at this particular timeframe which is able of re-discovering consciousness. There is no difference between humans – almost everybody has the same qualification for this discovery they just differentiate in the way they choose to discover.

Re: Roswell Question

Now here are those few things I would like to point out considering the article of Brad C. Sparks which is here to be found

All of this information can simply be found at as well as some official governmental sites:

1) „… The truth is that Corona was entirely a secret CIA -- not Air Force -- program begun several months BEFORE NASA was even formed...“

 Corona was a US military reconnaissance satellite system operated by the CIA Directorate of Science & Technology with substantial assistance from the US Air Force, used for photographic surveillance of the Soviet Union, China and other areas from June 1959 until May 1972. The project name is sometimes given as CORONA, but it is a codeword, not an acronym.
The project was accelerated after the U-2 incident in May 1960.
After the launch on August 18, 1960 of Discoverer 14, a film bucket was successfully retrieved two days later by a C-119. This was the first successful return of photographic film from orbit.
First launch of "discoverer"
R&D Discoverer 21 Jan 1959 1959-E01 1959-E01 none Mission Failed. Failed to achieve orbit

2)“ ... when NASA was created in 1958, a control that purportedly lasted until the 1970’s (emphasis added)…The truth is that Corona was entirely a secret CIA -- not Air Force -- program begun several months BEFORE NASA was even formed. Corona was ordered by President Eisenhower on February 7, 1958, and NASA s first day of operation was on October 1. ....“
First launch of "discoverer"
R&D Discoverer 21 Jan 1959 1959-E01 1959-E01 none Mission Failed. Failed to achieve orbit.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA, pronounced /ˈnæsə/) is an agency of the United States government, responsible for the nation's public space program. NASA was established on July 29, 1958, by the National Aeronautics and Space Act.

3) Frank G. Wisner
„...Corso claims he marched right past a startled secretary and into the office of the CIA director of covert operations, Frank "Wiesner"... Problem is that Frank G. Wisner (not "Wiesner") had been hospitalized and replaced as top CIA covert operator nearly three years earlier in August 1958, ...“

 Wisner was recruited in 1947 by Dean Acheson to join the State Department's Office of Occupied Territories. In 1948, the CIA created a covert action wing, innocuously called the Office of Policy Coordination (OPC). Frank Wisner was put in charge of the operation and recruited many of his old friends from Carter Ledyard. According to its secret charter, its responsibilities include "propaganda, economic warfare, preventive direct action, including sabotage, antisabotage, demolition and evacuation procedures; subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance groups, and support of indigenous anti-communist elements in threatened countries of the free world."
Later that year Wisner established Operation Mockingbird, a program to influence the domestic and foreign media. In 1952, he became head of the Directorate of Plans, with Richard Helms as his chief of operations. This office had control of 75% of the CIA budget. In this position, he was instrumental in bringing about the fall of Mohammed Mossadegh in Iran and Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán in Guatemala.
The FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover, became jealous of the CIA's growing power. He described the OPC as "Wisner's gang of weirdos" and began carrying out investigations into their past. It did not take him long to discover that some of them had been active in left-wing politics in the 1930s. This information was passed to Joseph McCarthy who started making attacks on members of the OPC. Hoover also gave McCarthy details of an affair that Wisner had with Princess Caradja in Romania during the war; Hoover claimed that Caradja was a Soviet agent.
Wisner worked closely with Kim Philby, the British agent who was eventually unmasked as a Soviet spy.
He was also deeply involved in establishing the Lockheed U-2 spy plane program run by Richard M. Bissell, Jr.
Wisner was devastated when the Soviet Union crushed the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Soon thereafter, he suffered a breakdown, and was diagnosed as a manic depressive. He underwent psychoanalysis and was subjected to electroshock therapy. After spending 6 months at the The Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital, he was released in 1958. CIA Director Allen Dulles named Wisner Chief of the CIA's London Station, but he was still suffering from mental illness. In 1962, he was recalled to Washington, D.C., and agreed to retire from the CIA.

Re: Roswell Question
Thank you, Lizardbeing, for your responses.
Once we know what we know, how do we act on our knowledge?
When a disaster hits, the "important" people, as in Wash DC and across America, rush to their underground bunkers while the rest of the "less important" people die or suffer loss. Those in government professed to be our helpers and protectors vanish to safety. Their mottoes of "love thy neighbor" and "let's all get along" mean nothing when their own necks are at stake.
I used to believe that a mysterious super being was going to come and snatch us all away to safety when tragedy comes; however, I now class that with all the fairy tales they distracted us with as children. When we grow up we are to put away childish things.

Where do you and others out there plan to go if you hear of certain tragedy to come upon you? Do you/we have underground bunkers to which you/we can flee at a moment's notice?%20void(0); Perhaps the tales of "cave men" came from the fact that people fled to the underground during past catastrophes.

Imagine how our country, accustomed to daily trips to the malls, hours of viewing on computer or TV, and other such distractions pushed at us by the world as it is, will cope when the s... hits the fan.

Re: Roswell Question

Well, I think the most important thing to do is keeping oneself and others who are open-minded and interested informed and try to open as many peoples eyes as possible to the real truth. It is very difficult to talk to people about this conspiracy theories because they are just that - theories. For every theory one can find enough substantial information that opposes that particular theory. Therefore it is very hard to deliver real proof. But the same it is whith EVERY science, call it physics or maths or whatever.

The critical point is trying to get as many people as possible to be open for the real truth AND not to fall again for the false promises made by different authorities. That would be very hard if the nation or parts of the world are facing something like a major cataclysm. Most people would be that much afraid or traumatised so that they would be glad for every solution "presented" to them by authorities. As it is often described these elite works the following way - create the problem and the possible solution(s) at the same time, so that "ordinary" people have no other choice but to accept the elites solution. Their (the elites) work is based upon fear. They certainly have there shelters prepared for a major catastrophe and they surely think they all would be safe there but they are wrong this time, as so many times before because this isn't the first time... What they suspect to happen is something that would make life on the earths surface impossible.

But these/their assumptions are made on a very poor and insignificant science which does not even know enough to graduate from the "universes kindergarden" and is light years away from getting to "universal high school". They do not know enough they are just on the brink of discovering how the world works. There will be many deaths around the whole world because our civilization has to crumble as did the Roman Empire, the Egyptian Empire, the world wide civilization which is often referred to as Atlantis, etc...

This super being does not exist. If there is really something like god, which I never have doubted nor will I ever doubt that, you have to remind that everything was created out of the same source, GOD, respectively is a part of god - good and bad and inbetween is all a part of the same thing. The intention of creation was the discovery of the real out of a game of forgetting everything. The things like they are set up are just natural and energies can be used, like a knife, in both ways - they are neutral. The outcome depends upon the choices of human beings and how they act to their choices.

For some part they sure make people belief in some "good" aliens which will mass land and take as many people to safe places or something like that but such a thing will not happen at least not at this time. I cannot exclude that something like that might happen on a very limited local basis but that could be aliens as well as governmentalists. Considering these whole alien things like channeling, hypnotic regressions etc. I would like to point out, that the governments are far more sophisticated in mind manipulating technologies (which does not necessarily includes real technology) as many people would think of. You have to understand, that absolutely everything is a kind of energy/light in different vibrations and if one knows how to "work" with these energy he can for instance influence the mind of whole groups of people. It can be done by some HAARP thing but it is not absolutely necessary to use such gadgets.

Furthermore they have many specialists on their side of operation, of course the people don't realize what and whom they are "serving". I meand that most of the physicians, hypnosis specialists, psychotherapists and others who do hypnotic regressions or healing sessions including powerful suggestions have all studied this subject from "serious" authorities such as universities, professors or other approved specialists. But the problem is, that all our schools teaching contains almost nothing but crap considering subjects like our mind or science in general or they just screw the truth that much up, that no one can ever solve that Gordian knot. Many of the fairy tales told to children have a very strong symbology which shall "prepare" our children in their youngest years for being good and subservient people or slaves to the authorities and their system, the same with our whole school system.

Re: Roswell Question

The fact is that no single country on this world has ever had a democracy - it's all the same monarchic game we used to play for thousands of years. This you can simply find out if you study the real history, politics and laws of our countries and if you do that sincerely enough you should question yourself why some policians have immunity before the law and others, very rich people, are seemingly living in an other star system with different or no laws at all. But this time they have just given the old monarchs some new-fashioned democracy clothes.

I'm talking way to much I think :)... most of what I have said you already know yourself.

Where do I go if such a tragedy occurs? Well, I'll stay right where I am on the surface of the earth. I do not prepare for nothing. If such a catastrophe is going to happen you cannot be sure of your bunker-place being safe or getting there by time. You cannot be sure if your supplies are sufficient enough or maybe your food is going to be stolen from you or you getting killed because of having supplies and not sharing, etc. There are so many incalculable possibilities that I will therefore stay right where I am until my feeling or intuition tells me to leave for another place or to do something else.

The tales of cave men came most sincerely from such people surviving catastrophes beneath the earth. Some of them and some others are still living there. The Hopi for instance said, that their forefathers came out of the belly of the earth after a tremendous cataclysm befell the earth. They went there for shelter in huge underground cities which were built by their forefathers and to this places they will again descent when the next cycle hits our planet.

Such a cataclysm would be the end for our cultures and we would be propelled into some kind of new middle ages or something like that. But there is a good chance that the people surviving this catastrophy would completely change their minds and start a new society based upon unity with nature. My motto for every theory what might come true or not is just simply to wait and see what comes next around the corner. That might seem very passive, like helplessly surrendering to circumstances, but it is not if you understand the philosophy and knowledge behind it - it all depends on the mind/spirit (or whatever you like to call it...) and inner attitude.