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Heros and Villans opinion

i think you should replace FDR and W.Wilson with Reinhard Heydrich. His evil surely out weighs any negatives found in either of the formers policies. I think he outweighs Himmler. Heydrich was an action man, Himmler was a bureaucrat, a sick man but a pencil pusher at heart. The credit for the final solution lays squarely at the feet of Heydrich and Eichmann (Wansee Conferance). FDR and Wilson are Americans i think it is wrong to place them in a list with the likes of Hitler,Stalin,Lennin etc

Wm Moody

Re: Heros and Villans opinion

This is an Opinion piece by a feature writer of a Toronto newspaper not a factual account - besides it would be impossible to actually decide who were the 10 greatest heroes or villains......