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Hitler was a piece of garbage, I honestly don't care if he was a vegetarian or not, and i don't know why people would care either. The fact we mention his name so much still gives him power. He was a moron that took advantage of a country in their time of need. He wasn't brilliant, he was a criminal, a truly messed up man. We should remember what happened so that it doesn't happen again. But in my opnion the best thing to do would be to not speak of him, so to take away any power/fear he still evokes in people.

Re: Hitler

History repeats........G.W.Bush is a Nazi - his grandfather helped Hitler to power with badly needed money. Bush is a member of Skull and Bones secret society which is a branch of the Brotherhood of Death - WW2 SS.
WW3 is coming after the engineered economic Depression which is beginning now.
What to do? If you are an American - don't vote...but put your support behind Ron Paul.
Get rid of Central Banks and bring back the gold standard.
You must watch

Re: Hitler

Hitler was a hero. You are a brainless ****head with no idea whatsoever over what National Socialism is all about.
I love this website for the research but for the opinion that "Nazi" Germany was the apex of evil. It is the Zionist Jew that control world educational systems and printing presses. They brainwasch you generation after generation and use your lives for the creation of their worldwide empire. They believe this, they even admit it on their own websites and scriptures.



Re: Hitler

or YouTube is trying to censor everything :-P
Look for Kernchen013 User, and look at my contacts if you wanna start waking out of the slomber.

Really it is time to wake up and leave this mind controlled trashed society they created to enslave us.

Many of you will react like braindead zombies. But then I cant change that, I am not god :-P

Good luck!

I woke up 3 years ago, and went thru a mental turmoil. If I can so can you!

Kernchen013 YouTube Warrior

Re: Hitler

Having just read the post re Hitler, I'm rather puzzled how someone can make such an indictment of a man whom they never met.
All we know of him is what his enemies have written about him. Propaganda is quite unsatisfactory in the search for truth. Our own presidents have very unsavory records to say the least.
What of the current Iraqi mass murder? What of all the genocide taken on by the CorpUS? What of the horrible treatment of the Palestinians by Israelis as I write? One could go on.
Why was virtually the whole world united against a country like Germany? Remember there has been much written about how the Zionists really declared war on Germany. Why? Who are the Zionists? Find out why they are so vindictive and murderous.
At any rate, I don't know enough about all the ramifications of war to judge who is right or wrong. I do know, however, that the world bankers do supply the money to both sides. Why? They love war, and love supplying the money to enable them to function.
Maybe I'm cautious in such judgment because of my being 71 years of age. Let's be fair in our pronouncements about others.

Re: Hitler

The monumental blindness and stupidity, unmatched barbarism and sadism of America and Britain nearly brought a new Dark Age upon a world dominated, not by them, but by the Soviet Union and communism, Although the Nazis and fascists lost the war--their heroic struggle with hardly any resources against overwhelming odds allowed civilization to survive. After 1945, it was the atomic bomb, beyond everything else, which allowed the west to survive---but before that, it was ADOLF HITLER who saved us.

The Greyfalcon website is terrific and I wish the webmaster all the best. Visually it is stunning and inspiring.

Re: Hitler
Thanks, Mr. Berg

It may be, I hope, that one day the propagandists will lose their wars against truth and the true heroes of world history will be allowed to stand on their records.

How many "history books" (as well as religious and science texts) will have to be eliminated and new ones written to bring such truth to the world?

With so many witnesses,I hope also that soon the government will be forced by public opinion to reveal the truth about UFOs so that those in the Disclosure Project will be vindicated.

Something is sure to change drastically with this sick world, by 2010, 2012, or..., and then life and truth as it should exist will be reestablished, i.e., by those who survive whatever happens.

Meanwhile truthseekers will continue to stand in the minority, being ridiculed by those less enlightened, awaiting the glorious transformation. And, further, we can't rely on the gods and bibles of the mythologists to do anything for our benefit with all the lies tied in with them.

Stand tall. Truth will out.

Re: Hitler

Books must be eliminated so the truth can exist? Yikes! Seig Heil!! Lies and deceptions are part of the 'truth', of which there is not, nor ever has been, one definition for all people for all times. Of course there will be changes, and many of these will seem catastrophic until the next one looms. Pick a date, any date, after which the good shall live and the evil perish is sooo childish. The idea of some imminent change of universal paradigm that will identify good thoughts and bestow a physical reward upon those thinking the right things is absurd. It's a pleasant dream, but does not withstand the morning light.

Re: Hitler

Yes, the reality we can create does seem absurd and childish, because we're all accustomed to the sick world we have all created out of our enslaved minds.

We've been working for so long for so much of what does not exist, i.e., money, that we have lost what it means to follow the Golden Rule.

We need to stop the we-versus-them mindset and consider what we can do together to change ourselves and thus the world about us.

The lawyers, working under bond to the British Crown and Vatican, have tricked us into their world of Commerce. We allow ourselves to be used by them in their endless pursuit of collecting the debt on America's bankruptcy of the 1930s. They give the loot to the World Banksters who turn it over to the Crown and Vatican.

When we all see the false system we are enslaved to and leave it to live in peace and freedom as Sovereign Citizens, then the world around us will be changed completely into the paradise we all want. Realize that we own everything already!

This may sound childish, but wouldn't you rather, as Gary Busey states, exchange the religious world of fear of hell for the spiritualism of those who have been there already?