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Proof Please


As I mentioned on the Hauneburg post I, and I assume many others, would like to see the source of the claims that German discs flew in the 1930s/1940s (and later). Where does the information about Vril discs and Haunebu discs come from? What I see are artist's impressions and poor quality photos of alleged discs. I expect it is all true because the "foo-fighter" discs have been proven.
But proof is needed about manned "saucers" otherwise most people just scoff and call it rubbish. To educate the masses proof is very much needed.


Re: Proof Please

Heres a dash of cold water:

Vril, Haunebu and the Andromeda-Gerät, were never mentioned by any source before Vladimir Tersiski hit the scene. This is the same writer who claims to have proved that there is a breathable atmosphere, water, vegetation and even animals on the moon. Strangely enough, his descriptions of conditions on the moon sound an awful lot like those that were described by George Adamski, in Inside the Space Ships.

The fact that Terziski has obviously drawn heavily from Adamski's various writings seems to make no impression on those who want to believe in the existence of German flying saucers. They tend to characterise the similarities between the Haunebu and Adamski's 'Venusian scout ship', or the Andromeda-Gerât and Adamski's 'mother ship', as corroborative evidence. In reality, it only proves that Terziski imitated Adamski.


Some researchers have found, on diligent examination, that the V-7 stories tend to have originated post-WW2, and in fact post 1947, when American private pilot Kenneth Arnold reported his string of unidentified flying objects "skipping like saucers" through the air near Mt. Rainier, Washington, gaining recognition in the 1950s, when the popular fascination with flying saucers was growing in the US.