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The town of Hauneburg.

Whereabouts in Germany was or is the town called Hauneburg?

Re: The town of Hauneburg.

There was no actual physical town or village of Hauneburg- the SS Technical Branch made that up to conceal the construction of the Haunebu flight disc and flight trials somewhere in NW Germany at a secure facility. The SS first called the Haunebu simply by product description: H-Geraet (H-Device/Apparatus). Hauneburg was used to conceal the actual whereabouts of the facility. When the war began in 1939, the name was changed to Haunebu. Some say this has an occult meaning but I have found no evidence of that nor of an actual old German village called Hauneburg anywhere in Germany. Remember also, that these machines were built by Thule and the SS and do not fall under either RLM designations nor Luftwaffe control- that is why they remained secret for so long. Speer talks about "flying tops" in his book, "Infiltration" but admits he was kept out of SS secret weapons projects that fall under people such as Heinrich Himmler as well as SS General Hans Kammler. All Haunebu craft were experimentals and only 7 of them were constructed from 1935-45. Dornier supposedly won a tender to construct Haunebu military craft in March 1945, but none were built before capitulation. These would have been the continued line of Haunebu II Do-Stra models armed with cannon and used for either strategic recon or transport duties. Whether any Haunebu craft survived the war and escape to Base 211 in Neu Schwabenland or Argentina is up for debate.

Re: The town of Hauneburg.

Thanks for answering Rob. The thing that bothers me about all this is the source of that information, that is what is the source? Where did you get that information from? I suspect it is true because of the proven evidence of the foo-fighters and the Nazi base built in Antarctica in the 1930s and the others built in Brazil post 1945 etc. Just the join the dots and the whole German disc program becomes plausible.....but there really ought to be something solid to prove the Vril society existed and the claims that go with it.
Did George Adamski, whose disc photos are unmistakably the Haunebu discs, have knowledge of the Vril or Thule people? I really would like to see some thorough investigative journalism done on the subject. There must be solid evidence somewhere that will help give the whole "Nazi UFO" subject some real credibility.

Re: The town of Hauneburg.

just one example of many:

Ohrdruf was reached by General Patton about April 11, 1945. Colonel R. Allen accompanying him described the installations extensively in his book.

The underground installations were amazing. They were literally subterranean towns. There were four in and around Ohrdruf: one near the horror camp, one under the Schloss, and two west of the town. Others were reported in near-by villages. None were natural caves or mines. All were man-made military installations. …..

Over 50 feet underground, the installations consisted of two and three stories several miles in length and extending like the spokes of a wheel. The entire hull structure was of massive reinforced concrete. Purpose of the installations was to house the High Command after it was bombed out of Berlin. This places also had paneled and carpeted offices, scores of large work and store rooms, tiled bathrooms with bath tubs and showers, flush toilets, electrically equipped kitchens, decorated dining rooms and mess halls, giant refrigerators, extensive sleeping quarters, recreation rooms, separate bars for officers and enlisted personnel, a moving picture theatre, and air-conditioning and sewage systems.


On April 17, 1945, the United States Atomic Energy Commission inspected various underground workings at Ohrdruf, and removed technical equipment before dynamiting surface entrances. The US authorities have classified all 1945 documents relating to Ohrdruf for a minimum period of 100 years.