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C-76 Caravan Image


Interesting website...

Concerning the Curtiss C-76 Caravan image on the following page of the site:

The image in question may have originated from this page in my flickr stream:

I say 'may have', because I have also posted the same image in two other places.

Anyway... the size was reduced slightly, the levels changed, and there seems to be a slight extension along one edge, but the image on your page matches up in all other aspects with my image... including the embedded EXIF data.

I have no problem whatsoever with your use of the image... the more folks who get to see this kinda stuff, the better.

But I do ask that you please provide the following credit line with the image as presented on your page:

Project 914 Archives (S. Donacik collection)

Apologies for putting this in your forum, but I didn't come across any direct contact info for the webmaster.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Steve Donacik

Fade to Black...

Re: C-76 Caravan Image

Hi Steve

i dont know source of any material in that site, the pictures are sent to me by Rob Arndt, i modify, if necessary and post them

I have credited the picture now

If you are interested and have more pics youd like posted, please contact me

Re: C-76 Caravan Image

These pages have been discontinued and deleted........

I dont know source of any of the pictures - they were all supplied to me by Rob Arndt.....