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GEMA trials with Weihe glider

mainly for Rob Arndt.....
I fly a Weihe glider myself (JS Weihe D-0700) and currently work on a book on its designer, Hans Jacobs.
Could you please send me more informations on the trials carried out with the Weihe.
It's most noteworthy not to forget this important part in history.
Probably, also Gabor from Hungary or Francis from France work on the same question, but in close relation with me, I will meet both next week in Austria.
The Weihe was produced under licence in Sweden since 1943, so it's not clear why they should have ordered one in Germany.
Any help is much appreciated, best regards,
Peter Ocker

Re: GEMA trials with Weihe glider

Rob e-mailed me the following

Regarding the DFS question, I don't remember the exact places I found the info I compiled. I know that the GEMA electronics part is from the BIOS/CIOS/FIAT documents, but don't remember the specific document numbers regarding the use of experimental crystal technology, which involves the SS as well. Category was secret electronics experiments with applications towards a/c. The RLM designations and Messerschmitt connections are speculative based on DFS allocation number sequences and reputed possible source of MBB Lampyridae connection with faceting from WW2. I used to keep source notes on my WPS programs but all of my WPS files have been deleted to save room on my HD.

I also get a large amount of info from various aviation forums and direct German contacts on rare secret weapons- may of which have shown up in the disc book and strange vehicles book as well as the unusual weapons book. That entry is so old now and I am busy on new projects... so I don't know how I should answer that. The 40 flights is also an error- the plane only flew 4 times IIRC.

MAYBE you can e-mail him directly