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Error in text


I was reading your article and wanted to alert you to an apparent error in the date referred to in the article. I assume that the date mentioned should be 1945 instead of 1944 (see quote below)

Also, can I find out who is the person responsible for this web site? Incredible amount of work here, but why the secrecy about the site's owner? I can't find any mention of the person who is authoring this information.

I can only find the name of "Franz" who responds to posted questions.

Regards, Ken Adachi

the U-234

At first, the men on the submarine thought it was a trick. The radio message from the German High Command told them the war was over; they were to surrender to the nearest Allied authorities.

The U-234, 294 feet long and 22,000 tons fully loaded, was one of the titans of the German undersea fleet; it had surfaced briefly somewhere in the mid Atlantic at this pivotal moment in its history -- May 10, 1944 -- to receive radio messages and find out what was happening in the European war.

No trick: The war in Europe
was over

The mystery of U-234 and its cargo had just begun, however.

Re: Error in text

a lot of the material is authored by my partner Rob Arndt

the rest is material shared or compilation off the net