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Info on German Motorrad - Rob Arndt

I have seen the article on your site by Rob Arndt, about the Killinger and Fruend German Motorrad. I am extremely interested in obtaining any more information you can provide on this prototype motorcycle, as my wife's father was one of the designers. We actually have one picture of the bike from her father. If you could put me in contact with Rob Arndt who wrote the article, or give me any information at all about where the info for the article was obtained, I would be very greatful. Please email me at


Re: Info on German Motorrad - Rob Arndt


i forwarded your message to him

Re: Info on German Motorrad - Rob Arndt

The primary source of information on this unique motorcycle is from the October 1938 issue of Motorrad magazine published in Germany. A subsequent secondary source comes from an OOP military reprint of a US Army Technical Intelligence Bulletin from either May or June 1945 that shows the 4 photos of the captured machine which was found at a German military depot. I no longer possess that book, but I think it might have listed the location. Sorry. Some have claimed it was found where the 17cm K72 Grille was found, but that seems bogus as the British captured that machine, not the US Army.

Rob Arndt

Re: Info on German Motorrad - Rob Arndt

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