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some info on listed vehicles

Hi Rob,
nice site, you've done what I was going to do.

Some suggestions ....
make sure all photos are in jpg format (or gif for line-drawings) -- png & bmp formats slow down the internet, especially for people like me in 3rd world countries with only 52 dial-up, not broadband.

ADMK -- this Austrian vehicle was obsolete very quickly & was replaced in German service by the SdKfz.2 Kettenrad & small D11 halftracks. Some ADMK's were, like many obsolete vehicles & Tanks, sent to Norway thus releasing more modern vehicles for other fronts. There was also a full-tracked version, rather like the US Weasel in appearance, but that only saw very limited service in Norway.

PANZERKAMPFGEHER - Walking Tanks -- should be listed under fictional or Sci-Fi, except the Goeble Landkreuzer which needs to go with other strange vehicles like the ADMK & Marienwagen.
The Goeble Landkreuzer was steered by slightly pivoting each foot as it went down thus turning the vehicle, although with a VERY wide turning circle which made the whole concept impractical. A fifteen second film-clip of it being driven is on the old movie "Gizmo" (from which your still picture is taken).

RÄUMPANZER TIGER (P) RAMMTIGER -- this vehicle was never built & the photo is a fake from an article in a plastic-modelling magazine. While doing research into another vehicle for the V.W. / Porsche Archiv, I read that at least one & up to four of the upper carapaces may have been fabricated but none were finished or mounted on a chassis.

HOLZBRENNER VOLKSWAGENS -- neat but not restricted to V.W.'s, all manner of vehicles from civilian cars to trucks & Tanks (used for training) were converted. In fact a civilian Opel Captain saloon converted during the war is still being run on this wood-converter in Germany by a man who bought it from the original owner in the 1950's. His 24yr old son has learnt how to stoke & drive it in order to keep it on the road as a "vintage" vehicle.

See my tracked-Kübelwagen Typ-155 article --

cheers Ray

Re: some info on listed vehicles

Your info on Rammtiger has been added to page......