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I knew an old german in the '70's.He talked too much concerning his knowledge and experiences before,during,and after the war.I was present when he got a visit from a "delightful" fellow in a black suit,felt hat,pointed shoes and what appeared to be womans make-up.The creep made a quick exit when my old friend grabbed his shotgun.I can relate to many of the "offbeat" stories on your site. Some comments from him were: -we didn't have the guts to use the A.bomb on a mostly defenceless city.-the ME-163's at his base took out B-17s for many days,not even one got near while he was there.The fighter pilots let bombers go home if they changed direction.A high ranker told him that a space rocket would put a beam weapon in space to burn up the american training bases.-Apollo 13 incident was a message that concerned the placement of a nuclear bomb in place to take care of the competition on the moon!! The fellow has passed on.I knew him well and I would politely listen and not ask questions.It seemed to be just silly stories to me at that time.Still sounds pretty wierd to me.


The Me-163 was a technological wonder for the time, but a military failure with only 12 B-17s downed out of 364 a/c produced. And most sat idle w/o fuel during their career while others were lost in endless accidents with the volatile rocket fuel.

As for a Nazi Space Program, there never was any official order from Hitler for its creation. Hitler fantasized about placing a circular military space station up to 4000 miles which might have mounted a solar cannon, but Von Braun could not have achieved this even if ordered to. Germany did not have that capability. No spaceplanes were constructed either, although the EMW division of Peenemunde did design several manned A-4 rockets (i.e. the EMW A-6 and A-9, with variants)and a crude mock-up of the Sanger Silbervogel was discovered in Lofer, Austria in a workshop.

Of course, there is a BELIEF that the occult SS Technical Branch along with Thule and Vril had been building disc a/c together since 1935 with the Haunebu design. Some claim that models of the Haunebu and some Vril discs had the ability to travel into space, but it is hard to prove. Any attempt at channeled spaceflight was reputed to have ended in tragedy and the last huge cylindrical Andromeda-Gerat Raumschiffe disappeared in Mar/Apr 1945.

I personally believe that the occult discs were just experimental and do not in any way support the Haunebu III joint German-Japanese trip to Mars or a Nazi moon base.

There is some basis in fact for German efforts at Raumflug, but there never was a central authority. Himmler kept Germany's most secret projects under wraps from both Speer and Hitler and they were diversified.



I thought that perhaps I should give more info. concerning the use of the Me.163 against the B-17 attacks against the base my old friend claimed to have been stationed at.It sounded to me that it was a base that was too important to be destroyed from lack of the fuel required to help protect it.The amount of aircraft debris and body parts in the areas used on bombing approach was very upsetting to the ground clean-up crews.The Me-163 pilots actually spared some bomber crews if they broke away from formation.The intention was for the survivers to spread the word that the defense was much too strong to continue bomber attacks at that time.It is known from canadian crews bombing other targets that some returned crews were isolated(with aircraft at times) in order to help keep the effort on track and not"infect"others.


It would be interseting to have the American view on the Nazi VRIL, Haunebu devolpement since all had been brought to the US in "Operation Paperclip"?

The Americans must have investigated the possibilties of these technologies as well.

I haven't seen much on that subject yet.