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where is she is she ok??

I'm looking for this girl she is my daughter in a past life is she still alive? how do I find her?????????

Re: where is she is she ok??

Are you serious? You can probably find her on Sumi-Er...

Re: where is she is she ok??

If Maria Orsic and the other Vril chefin made it to Aldebaran in Alpha Tauri... then she was 64 light years away. They supposedly escaped in the only operational Andromeda-Gerat called Freya.

Other sources claim Vril simply disbanded and fled Germany in the spring of 1945. Some claim Maria married a doctor and moved to a Scandanavian nation. She would be dead by now if true...

As for past lives, please don't bring that into the site. he occultism Vril practiced centered around worship of the Black Sun and metaphysical science.


Re: where is she is she ok??

Were you serious about finding Maria Orsic? I know where to find her. She lives in Scandinavia today.