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Rudolf Steiner

Where did you get this quote?
"Black magic seeks dominion over the world through knowledge and control of mystical forces. I've never observed freedom of spirit in those involved in the occult. They don't possess occult forces -- occult forces possess them. Few impressed me as being so grace-deprived as Steiner. Not a single ray of light from above. He wanted to attain everything from below, to break into the spiritual realm by all-consuming effort."
I see it a bit differently. Since the Brownshirts(SA) were led by a bunch of homosexuals, I suspect Steiner didn't care for them. If he knew some of their secrets through his occult connections, he could have caused a scandal.
Also, have you read that there was a group of Tibetan Monks who fought with the Nazis in Berlin in 1945?? Where can I read about this?

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Indian Soldiers in Wehrmacht uniforms:
Babelfish translates it.

Rudolf Steiner, died 1925 in Dornach / Helvetia, Antroposoph, is it about him?

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And an other good one:

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And here they are , your tibetian buddist monks: