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To 眾明牌: Update of Bravenet Upgrade (本網頁主機程式提升報告)

Appreciate your feedback and suggestions about the latest Bravenet upgrade.

We are certainly very unhappy about the new hosting servive. Bravenet has the following answer to our complains:


Bravenet's reply:

Dear "All About Leon",

Thank you for contacting us regarding these problems. Unfortunately there were problems that we could not produce in internal testing that appeared once the new service was live.

We have also received complaints due to the move to BBCode from HTML code. This was done to prevent malicious code from being posted in our members services. Due to member feedback however, HTML code is now also supported along with BBCode.

We are currently looking into the load speed issues and are working to decrease load times.

We have looked into the cause of your Safari issue and have found the problem. You may need to reset your Subtitle information as we removed and replaced this to ensure that this was not the problem.

The problem is caused by your large forum width and being loaded within a frame. Lowering the width to 700px or loading the forum without a frame prevents this issues from occurring. We have reported this issue to our technical department to look into as soon as possible.

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience


抱歉Bravenet的表現令人失望, 眾admin正努力加油跟進, 希望令大家再開心地聚腳AAL!


又, 未能打開網頁者, 請嚐試將IE提升到 version 7.0