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Leon Fans 豈可沒有可聚腳的World去分享他的消息! 苦悶中匆匆接力設計了這個「明牌會客室」, 網址是 (簡稱AALeon), 希望大家每天愉快地交流, 好好珍惜! 讓明牌們能在這個「會客室」發揮在紅館一樣的凝聚力!

特別要求 : 既然是Leon討論區, 當然希望各網友儘量選貼有関Leon的新聞及雜誌, 「身邊人」及「仔仔囡囡」的消息, 各地Leon網及仔囡網都有專貼, 本網不希望重覆此類貼文!

假如特別重要時刻, 或者明牌好想表達支持或談論她(他)們, 懇請在本網只轉貼有関新聞網址或提供連結(link)到相関網站, 希望大家合作愉快!


網主 S, J & J 歡迎大家!

Hi All,
We are happy to announce the opening of 「明牌會客室」, our forum address is (abbr. AALeon). Hope you all enjoy sharing all about our Leon in this "meeting place" daily.

Special Request from the Webmasters :
We hope we can all enjoy free discussion on all up-and-coming news about Leon. However, we insist that the priority of our news/mag/video posts be given to Leon.

Should you wish to discuss or show support to close friends of Leon or the AMusic kids, please post related clickable (See HTML instruction) news links or website links only. We do not want to congest the forum with non-Leon related information.

Respect yourselves by respecting others.

Warm welcome from webmasters: S, J & J!