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明牌會客室公告 / All About Leon Rules

歡迎明迷善意交流, 言詞自律, 忌無的放矢及謾罵, 尊重版權, 禁貼BT/不合法上下載, 轉載網友自拍照片及片段請例明出處以示對制作人尊重, 被刪文者請冷靜自省.

本Forum支持AMusic宗旨, 嚴禁發表討論與Amusic歌手以外及任何牽涉私人糾紛的post, 多謝合作.

Welcome to All About Leon! This forum allows the discussion of Leon amongst fans worldwide. Offensive language and/or bashing is not allowed and will be deleted. Absolutely no illegal BT and downloads. Please respect copyrighted materials. Provide courtesy link when copying and reprinting images or video clips from this forum.

We support AMusic’s rule of conduct. Posts relating to non-AMusic artists and/or any personal conflicts are strictly prohibited, thank you for your co-operation.